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A second Republican candidate has entered his name in the running for state House District 28 representative.

Hernando Alderman at Large Doc Harris has qualified his candidacy for the August party primary election. DeSoto County Schools administrator Jerry Darnell earlier announced his candidacy for the party’s nomination.

Harris believes his current and past experience lends itself to represent the Hernando district.

“I’ve got a real strong business background in management and leadership,” Harris explained. “I worked in the telecommunications industry for almost 40 years. About 25 years of that time I was in a management and/or leadership role and I ran a business for about 20 years of that time for a company called Southeastern Telecom in Memphis as vice president and general manager of that company.”

After his retirement in 2016, Harris was elected to the Board of Aldermen where he now serves. The Hernando native, who gradated from Hernando High School, later went to Northwest Mississippi Community College and Mississippi State University, where he received his business degree.

Harris was also a veteran in the U.S. Army before starting his business career.

Other areas of service, he said, included serving as Chairman of the Board for United Cerebral Palsy of the Mid-South and working with the Tennessee Governor’s Committee for Employment of the Handicapped.

During his two years on the city board, Harris noted that he serves two-thirds of the population that he would represent if elected to the House of Representatives.

“I’ve learned how to be an effective public servant and I want to take it now to the next step,” Harris said.

Education is an important issue which he wants to sees continue to support. But Harris added he supports teachers’ salaries being increased above what is now offered.

“I know the importance of a good education,” said Harris. “Every state that touches the state of Mississippi pays more than we do, so it would be real easy for them to just cross the state line and go to work in another state.”

Public safety is another important area for Harris, saying first responders should have the best available support to do their jobs.

“We owe it to our citizens and to those who make their living protecting us to give them the best that we can,” said Harris. “We need to have someone in Jackson who will step up for them and make sure that District 28 is getting their fair share of state support.”

March 1 is the deadline for candidates to qualify to be on the ballot for the August primary.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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