Bud Jones and Darrell Dunn, center, both longtime employees of the DeSoto County Road Department, were recognized recently by DeSoto County Board of Supervisors for their assistance on behalf of a stranded motorist.

A pair of Good Samaritans were recognized recently by the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors for their kind actions to a stranger stranded during the ice and snow last month.

Darrell Dunn and Bud Jones, both longtime employees of the DeSoto County Road Department, were recognized by DeSoto County Road Manager Andy Swims for coming to the aid of Marlo Kirkpatrick of Madison.

In a letter addressed to DeSoto County Supervisors, Kirkpatrick said she became stranded after attempting to drive in the snow and ice.

"On January 12, I made the incredibly foolish decision to try to drive to my home in Madison from Memphis during the icy weather," Kirkpatrick wrote. "I lost control of my car on the ice and did a spin, ending up stuck in a ditch on Byhalia Road surrounded by parts of my car. It was a minor accident, but I was left not only badly shaken, but also badly stuck."

Kirkpatrick praised Dunn and Jones for stopping to assist her.

"These two gentlemen (Dunn and Jones) stopped to assist me," Kirkpatrick writes. "They did not have the rope/chain that was needed to tow my car out of the ditch, but they waited until I was sure a tow truck was on the way before leaving."

Kirkpatrick said the pair checked on her a short time later. When Kirkpatrick was given an estimated time of a two-hour wait by the tow truck company, Dunn and Jones refused to leave the stranded woman alone.

"As we were talking, another passerby stopped who did have chains. Together, these three good Samaritans pulled my car from the ditch. Your DeSoto County Road crew members then followed me all the way to I-55 to be sure my car was drivable and that I was okay to drive after my scare," Kirkpatrick stated in her letter. "Mr. Dunn and his colleague (Jones) were very kind to me not only through their actions but also through their words and their demeanor. They helped me stay calm and turned what could have been a truly awful day into a reminder that good people still exist in this world."

District 2 Supervisor and Board President Mark Gardner praised the two men for their actions.

"Our road department is second to none," Gardner said, adding that he had received emails from constituents thanking road crew members for their dedication in making sure roads were safe for motorists.

"They worked 14 hours for the citizens of this county," Gardner said. "I'll put our road department up against anybody."

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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