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Linda Zinn (left) of Charlies Crusaders Animal Rescues introduces a family to their new dog “Bo” during Saturday’s Adoption Day even at the Horn Lake Animal Shelter.

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There are certainly many dogs and cats, along with other animals, being taken care of in animal shelters that are actively looking for new families to come and take them home. 

Shelters will, from time to time, hold special events to not only promote what they do, but also promote the fact they have loving and friendly animals waiting to be adopted, a fact many people may not even consider, unless they themselves are seeking a dog of cat.

The Horn Lake Animal Shelter held such an adoption event this past Saturday at its location, 6520 East Center Street in Horn Lake.

Bob Brixey, Animal Control Director, said he was very pleased with the results from Saturday’s Adoption Day. Brixey says 10 dogs and nine cats were connected with new human families from the four-hour event.

“We typically see 6-7 animals taken, so it was real successful,” Brixey said.

Although the Adoption Day was considered successful, there remains about 23 cats and about 40 dogs that remain at the Horn Lake shelter.

The process in adoption is simple, Brixey said, but putting an adoption does not immediately mean an animal is heading home.

“We require a driver’s license to show where you live at,” Brixey said. “We have a $20 fee for the adoption fee and we require that you have a rabies shot done within 10 days. We’ll make an on-the-spot assessment with the dogs, though. We’re not going to let anybody come in and take a dog. If we think they’re going to be used to fight or something, we will not let the dog go.”

Brixey noted that incidences of dogs being claimed for fighting haven’t happened in Horn Lake, although he added, “I have never had that problem but a lot of places do.”

One advantage of adopting during an event, such as Saturday’s Adoption Day, is that the $20 adoption fee is waived.

The Walmart Supercenter in Horn Lake with Store Manager Barry Hill provided food for those who came out to Saturday’s Adoption Day. Brixey said another Adoption Day is planned in July for Wiseguys Pizza on Highway 51.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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Dirk Diggler

Great job employees of the Horn Lake Animal Shelter. I remember the days when all dogs and cats were euthanized within 3 days. I am glad those days are gone and the shelter is now very low kill. Only euthanizing for major medical issues to stop the suffering of a dog is the proper way to run a shelter.

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