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The obituary brief on the Coleman Pet Services Facebook page states, “The Maine family has said goodbye to Kimber Scout. Kimber, the six-year-old Irish Wolfhound, loved going for walks, eating cookies, and snuggles. She had an infectious smile and loved her family like no one else. Kimber was loved by Leslie, Todd, Zoe, Tyler, Norman, Delilah Jane, Aubrey Grace and Camille.”

"Rascal was a 16-year-old rescue cat who loved sleeping on the laps of his family and will be remembered for his squeaky meow and fierce loyalty." 

"Gus, a four-year-old Labrador, loved chasing deer and raccoons and snacking on his favorite treats."

"Scout, a 16-year-old Basset Hound, was known for stealing birthday cake, sneaking slushies away from his family without leaving a trace and even eating a whole cup of Dum-Dums one Halloween."

"Missy, a 15-year-old domestic long-haired cat, will be remembered for her love of catnip and bird watching."

Pet owners in North Mississippi now have a new way to commemorate their dearly departed furry friends, as Coleman Pet Services, a division of Coleman Funeral Home, has begun offering free online pet obituaries to those who use their pet cremation services.

The funeral home currently has locations in Olive Branch, Southaven and Oxford.

Obituaries and photos of the deceased pet are emailed to the funeral home and are then shared on the Coleman Pet Services Facebook page, which currently has over 1,900 followers.

Coleman Funeral Director Ashley Bowlan pointed out that people send obituaries in honor of their loved ones all the time and that more and more people treat their pets as family today, so it is only fitting to offer families a way to honor their pets.

“We truly believe that pets’ lives are worth celebrating,” said Glenn Coleman, co-owner of Coleman Funeral Home. “Every grieving family deserves the opportunity to share photos and memories of their departed pet. Our pets play such an important role in the lives of our families. It only makes sense to provide obituaries for them, too.”

Coleman Pet Services offers pickup services, cremation options and memorial keepsakes for pet owners. Picking up a pet's remains from any veterinary office in DeSoto County is free, and picking up a pet's remains from a DeSoto County residence is $75. Customers can choose to have their pet cremated privately or with two or three other animals. Private cremation ranges from $200 to $405. Communal cremation ranges from $75 to $180 and keeps each pet in a separate chamber to ensure each owner receives their pet's ashes alone. Customers may also choose from decorative and keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, monuments, caskets and custom engraving. Coleman cares for service animals free of charge.

Brent Walker is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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