St. Jude Fundraiser

A local mother is hosting a fundraiser and book drive in honor of Carson, a young girl who lost her battle with cancer five years ago. Jill Hatcher, whose son was friends with the young St. Jude patient, wanted to collect books and other school materials to support students doing virtual learning this fall. 


“As my son begins to enter High School, we are reminded that his dear friend Carson is not. While she lost her fight with cancer, she’ll always be a winner in my book for teaching us to never give up, seek God daily, and give back,” Hatcher wrote in a Facebook post in the Memphis Homeschool Buzz Facebook group.


Hatcher chose to do the fundraiser in the form of a book, curriculum, and game drive because she knows those are things that, with an increase in children doing online school and homeschooling, many children need most right now. Learning materials will be available at the drive to anyone who needs them, and proceeds raised at the drive will be donated to St. Jude. 

“So many (students) need supplement books and curriculum to ensure a good start to school,” Hatcher said.“I’m hoping this will help out St. Jude and those families that need some extra books for their kiddos this school year.”


There are books and materials for parents, kids, and teachers. She has textbooks from Apologia, Shurley English, Saxon Math, and others, as well as chapter books like Magic Tree House, Nancy Drew, and Little House on the Prairie.


“Give what you can for you and those that cannot. And those that cannot give, take what you need,” Hatcher said in the post. “Whether you’ve been homeschooling for several years or just now starting, I know there is something here for you.”


The fundraiser will be held at Hatcher’s home. For more information, as well as address details, visit the Memphis Homeschool Buzz Facebook page.

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