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Volunteers help fill the boxes of food provided during a mobile food pantry held last Saturday in Hernando by the North Mississippi Baptist Education Convention in partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank. A similar food pantry will take place Saturday, May 23 in Walls.

People in the Walls area in need of food are invited to be part of a drive-through mobile food pantry on Saturday, May 23. The North Mississippi Baptist Education Convention and the Mid-South Food Bank will partner to provide food at the one-day event, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Walls Elementary School, 6131 Delta View Road in Walls.

Those who come will need to have a Photo ID with and there can be no more than two families represented in one vehicle. They should also bring an ink pen to fill out a registration form.

A similar food pantry was held in Hernando on Saturday, May 2, where about 300 boxes of food were distributed. Jimmy Maxwell and Andrew Miller coordinated the Hernando food distribution program.

Sherman Helton Sr. is Senior Pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven and the President of the North Mississippi Baptist Education Convention (NMSBEC).

Helton explained the boxes contain a variety of good, nutritional food.

“We’ve got fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, cabbages, ham, bacon, cereal, pineapple,” Helton said. “We’re trying to make sure they have a well-balanced meal and a healthy meal.”

Helton added as a church organization, the NMSBEC feels it has a mission to take care of people.

“We’re giving them hope,” Helton said. “That’s what we are to do as believers in Christ. He’s made it possible to help our fellow man. That’s what our aim is and that’s what we want to do.”

According to Helton, a similar food pantry recently held in Tunica distributed about 800 boxes of food.

Dr. Jevon Marshall is the coordinator of the Walls Mobile Food Pantry set for May 23 and he may be reached at 901-409-3662.