Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson, a Hernando businessman, has filed to run for Mayor of Hernando, challenging incumber Mayor Chip Johnson, who has also filed for re-election.  

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N.C. "Tom" Ferguson, Jr., has decided to run for Mayor of Hernando in the May 2 Republican primary.

He will face incumbent Mayor Chip Johnson, who has also filed to run again as a Republican, and any other candidates who qualify before the 5 p.m. March 3 deadline.

So far, the two candidates are the only ones to file to run for mayor of the DeSoto County seat.

They will face the winner of the Democratic primary and any independents who choose to run in the June 6 general election.

Ferguson said "after prayerful consideration and encouragement from others in his community," he has decided that "the time is right to pursue the honor of serving the people of Hernando as their mayor."

Ferguson was born and raised in Hernando and said he spent "Sunday mornings at Hernando Baptist Church with my parents, N.C. and Charlotte Ferguson."

After graduating from Hernando High School in 1982, he went on to study at Northwest Mississippi Community College and Mississippi State University before returning to open a small business.

Ferguson believes that Hernando is "now the pinnacle of DeSoto County, a place people should flock to for the sense of community. A town that prides itself on its hometown values and the quality of life offered to their citizens."

"I want to give people that are even considering a reason to move to our great city, just that — a reason to move to our great city," Ferguson said. "A place to buy a home, start a family, or even a small business."

Ferguson wants to "preserve the history of Hernando while overcoming the challenges facing the growing community."

Ferguson is a captain and flight instructor for a regional airline and a small businessman in Hernando.

A campaign statement on Ferguson's behalf stated that his "many years of promotion in the aviation industry and hard work prove his attention to detail and stick-to-itiveness."

Prior to a rewarding career in the airline industry, Ferguson started an aerial application service for local farmers in DeSoto County, a crop dusting business in Hernando, and volunteered as a helicopter pilot for the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department beginning in 1984.

"Growing up, I was blessed to watch my family's service to the community I call home," Ferguson said. "My father's work as an alderman and a businessman were a prime example of what selfless service looks like. Since that time, I have tried to follow in his footsteps by giving back to the community that I am so passionate about."

Ferguson said if elected as mayor he will champion an environment for small business to grow and prosper, ensure public safety officers have the resources they need to safeguard their community, and bring conservative fiscal policies and transparency to Hernando City Hall.

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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one hernando ms voice

It's time Hernando had a new face. Every time I see Chip Johnson I don't see a leader I see a little wiener. Give it up Chip and do the city a favor and go find something else to do with your self.


Oh you don't know Chip he takes care of our business 24/7 call him if you have a problem something gets done right now


You think this guy will be honorable. All of them are politicians. I guess you three believed in the great orange hope as well. LIV


You would think Johnson would be easy to beat. There is not a single person I talk to that thinks he is an honest Mayor. He also embarrassed the City by sending out nude pictures. His extravagant annual travel expenses that provided no benefit to the city. He is returning for his annual trip to Las Vegas, D.C., Biloxi, and he is sending a clerk to Quebec, Canada for clerical training. Why does a Hernado City clerk need to be trained in Quebec Canada? All this travel expense and the city streets are in terrible shape, poor lighting throughout the city, and no master development/growth plans.

One Citizen's Voice

Agreed. Johnson was once a decent man, now he's just another corrupt Mississippi good-ole-boy who keeps his mouth shut.

Erin Rebel

Where can I contribute to Mr.Ferguson's campaign?

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