Second Baptist Church mortgage burning

Sacrificial giving, the ministry of tithing, members’ generosity, and God’s faithfulness has brought well-deserved gratitude to the members and pastor  of Second Baptist Church in Hernando.

The dedicated stewardship has brought great joy as the final payment on the mortgage for the Christian Education Building was made.

On Sunday morning, March 17, a special service was held at the church that included a celebratory segment of morning worship.

This time was dedicated to burn the mortgage of the Christian Education Building.

The sanctuary was filled with members and visitors who were eager to witness another moment of history for the church.  By history, the Second Baptist Church Sanctuary mortgage was burned on Sunday, April 26, 1970.

Music was rendered by the church choir and musicians. Pastor Emeritus Green Oliver Jr. was the guest speaker for this memorable occasion.

The participants in the actual burning of the mortgage were Pastor Quinton Taylor, Mother Brenda Gray, Mother Ida Robertson, Deacon Ricky Robertson, Trustee Warnia Craigen, Deacon Charles Townsend, and Deacon Freddie L. White. 

By history, Pastor Green Oliver, Jr. and Deacon Freddie L. White are the surviving members from the first burning in 1970.

Once the ceremony was completed, a prayer was offered, and everyone was dismissed.

This major accomplishment, achieved by the members and the pastor, is a direct reflection of the motto of Second Baptist Church: “We are better together!”

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