The Horn Lake Eagles were hungry for a win Friday night coming off a loss last week against DeSoto Central. The Eagles clawed over the Olive Branch Conquistadors, 35-16 in Olive Branch in their second district win of the season.

The Horn Lake Eagles were hungry for a win Friday night coming off a loss last week against DeSoto Central. The Eagles clawed over the Olive Branch Conquistadors, 35-16 in Olive Branch in their second district win of the season.

The two teams played strategically, Olive Branch more in the first two quarters and Horn Lake shutting out the home team in the second half at Leslie Pool Field.

In the first quarter Quistors #4 senior running back Tralyn Oliver carried the ball on several plays, chipping away at Horn Lakes' defense to land the first touchdown early on. Olive Branch made a successful PAT.

Horn Lake’s own #4, senior quarterback Rashard Daniels, gave a strong start to the Eagles’ offense, carrying the ball to the 45 then 22 yard-lines. OB’s #45, senior defensive lineman Travis Boyce, landed a sack against Horn Lake’s top arm, #5 senior quarterback Trint Conder.

Eagles’ #15, senior wide receiver Erwin Reed, got revenge for his team by scoring their first TD but Olive Branch bit back by blocking the PAT, leaving a score of OB 7 to 6.

Back on Olive Branch’s offense, the action heated up between the two. OB #11 sophomore quarterback Ethan Bobo, hustled the ball to the 25-yard line. Horn Lake #17 defensive end Dewayne White followed up by blocking a pass for OB. Quistadors #9 senior defensive back Nick Erves landed a sack against Conder. OB later recovered a fumble by the Eagles. The first quarter closed out with OB #8 senior wide receiver Darren Wilson, missing a pass.

In quarter two, OB managed another sack on Conder by #10 sophomore running back Jerry Wall. Eagles’ Jarnoris Hopson later recovered the ball from Wilson causing OB to use their last time out before the half. OB scored a field goal, upping the score 10 to 6.

With two seconds left in the first half, Eagles’ #2 senior offensive linebacker Dyllon Bullard pushed through the Quistors defense to crash into the endzone followed by a two-point conversion ending the first half, OB 10 to 14.

In the third, Horn Lake became aggressive to push hard against OB’s D-line and scored a TD by #1 senior running back Jamal Moore, starting the second half off at 20-10. On OB’s return, Oliver moved the ball to the 20-yard line. OB trudged through the Eagles’ offense until Conder intercepted a pass from OB #2 senior wide receiver Keshun Sessom.

Later, the Quistors slipped up in fumbling by #7 senior quarterback Braydon Wright with recovery by OB at the 44-yard line.

Back on OB offense, the Quistors managed a TD by Oliver with two seconds left in the quarter, OB 16 - HL 21.

A failed two-point conversion by OB closed the third quarter.

In the fourth, Hopson showed off by scoring another TD for the Eagles with 9:43 left. The PAT was good, moving the score to OB 28 - HL 16.

OB’s Oliver showed his speed on offense by carrying to the 33-yard line followed by an OB punt to the 37-yard line.

Horn Lake picked up their momentum back on offense by making another TD after Conder completed a pass to Hopson in the endzone, with a good PAT, Eagles leading 35-16 with 7:48 remaining.

OB’s return to offense saw little gain after a pass interception from Wright to Eagles’ by Bobo. Later when OB was back on offense, Wright attempted to run the ball through the Eagles’ defense but was repeatedly shut out. He later threw the ball away when faced with pressure from the Eagles’ approaching D-line.

Horn Lake later ran the clock until the end to secure their 35 to 16 victory.

Horn Lake Head Coach Mitchell Harville, who is in his second year, said his team was hungry after last week’s loss.

“It was a great week this week and tonight,” said Harville. “Last week was very disappointing for us, we didn’t play as well as we wanted to. So to me, we came out tonight, and played well and it was very good for our program. The guys in our program had four or five score touchdowns tonight, which is huge.”

Harville said a refocus was needed to approach Friday’s game.

“After the loss last week, they really had to refocus on what they’re trying to accomplish this year. We had lots of talks about the only thing we lost last week was the chance to go undefeated in district,” Harville explained. “Everything that is set out in front of us is still there. So we have to make sure we focus on that, grow and get better as we go through the season.”

Harville said he was glad to have Conder back in good condition.

“He focused a lot and made some good plays,” said Harville. “We did miss him last week. With him back we’re able to do a lot more stuff and move the ball around more. I love that kid and I’ll do anything for him.”

Harville lauds all of his player and their efforts to the program.

“It’s really all the kids, I love everyone of these kids,” Harville said. “I love on them as much as I can. I’m excited for this win and I’ll carry it into next week. See the film, make the corrections we need to make and keep working.”

Olive Branch Running Back Coach Justin Riley helmed the Quistors play Friday night.

“We’ve done a lot this year, where we’ve played so well in the first half and then there’s just a lot of mistakes made by us,” said Riley. “You can get in your own way sometimes, too many penalties, too many mistakes. They all just mount up over time.”

Riley says the team will reevaluate on their discipline on the field.

“It’s just self-discipline. Discipline not to jump off sides, not to drop balls, not overthrowing, discipline to line up correctly. The things we control,” said Riley. “We have a great coaching staff that does a wonderful job. We're just not performing at the level that we need to."

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