Duck truck

Tanner Daniels of Hernando is making people smile with his "duck truck." The 17-year old attached an inflatable duck to his F-150 pickup and has been driving it around Hernando.

There’s a giant duck roaming the streets of Hernando.

A giant inflatable duck, that is.

Residents have been posting pictures of sightings on Facebook of the duck, which is strapped to the top of a charcoal gray Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The duck truck is the work of 17 year-old Tanner Daniels.

Daniels said he got the idea for the duck about two weeks ago after his cousin, Makota Willis, drove down their street with an inflatable zebra in the back of his Toyota Tacoma truck past his 4 year-old niece’s house in Buena Vista Lakes just to get a smile.

“He just rode around the neighborhood with it,” Daniels said. “She thought it was funny and had a big smile when she saw it.”

Daniels liked the idea and went looking for something similar to put on his truck.

“We went to Walmart and that was all they had,” Daniels. “So we put the duck up on mine.”

The duck truck has since attracted a lot of attention and talk around town. A post on the Hernando Happenings Facebook group with a picture of his truck received over 1,000 likes. He was even featured on a Memphis television station who tracked him down to get the story behind the big yellow duck.

Daniels said he’s been surprised by the attention his truck has garnered. People’s reactions to seeing the duck have been overwhelmingly positive.

“People have been like ‘what is this?’” Daniels said. “But most of the time they just smile and honk and wave.”

He’s happy the duck is bringing smiles to people’s faces though, and plans to keep the duck up for a little while longer.

“I didn’t really plan on keeping it up this long,” Daniels said. “But I may as well keep it up now that people are seeing it. And it’s been fun. I just put it on there to put it on, and maybe make some people smile.”


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