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First place group winners at the recent DeSoto County Schools Reading Fair included Lucy Thomas and Cora Thomas of Lewisburg Primary School, and Ryan Bass, Jayla Moss, and Kohyn Hays of Walls Elementary School. DCS Supt. Cory Uselton congratulated the winners.

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More than 60 winners attended the DeSoto County Reading Fair, held Friday, Nov. 3 at the Central Services offices in Hernando.

The students were all winners from their respective DeSoto County School and were competing in the District Reading Fair.

Students stood by their reading projects and waited for the judges to come and ask questions.

They had to know obvious the facts about their book, such as the author, title, plot, climax, setting and characters. They also had to answer any other questions about the book that the judges may have had of them.  

"I was impressed with the quality of the students' projects," said Debbie Stafford, textbook coordinator for DeSoto County Schools and coordinator of the countywide event.  

The judges for the event involved librarians from public and school libraries.

The Reading Fair gives students the opportunity to share their favorite fiction book through a storyboard display.

Many of the students also dressed like their main character.

“The goal of the reading fair is to instill a lifelong love of reading in students as they experience a deeper enjoyment and pleasure from reading gained through participating in the process,” said Stafford.

Students may enter one of three categories: individual, group project or family project. With each category, students are judged in divisions based on grade level.

DCS District Reading Fair winners in each division will advance to Lafayette High School in Oxford for the Regional Reading Fair in January. The Mississippi Department of Education will host the State Reading Fair when the Regional Reading Fairs are complete.

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