Curtain goes up on 'Aladdin Jr' at DFT

The curtain goes up Friday on the DeSoto Family Theatre's production of the Disney musical "Aladdin Jr.," at Landers Center Theater in Southaven.

The show runs this weekend and next with showtimes at 2 p.m Saturday and Sunday and 7 p.m. performances Friday and Saturday nights.

"We've had 78 shows and this is among the most exuberant," said Dan Lehman who serves on the DFT Board of Directors.

"Aladdin Jr." with its colorful costumes, set and with its Academy Award- winning score by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, is a "pure delight," according to Lehman.

"I've witnessed the great effort and great enthusiasm that director Whitney Branan and the cast have shown to put together a show like this," Lehman said. "What Whitney has done has put all of the talents of these kids together and work out all the choreography to make this a delightful and entertaining junior show. We have a lot of young people on stage — young people who have proved they can take a project and pull it off successfully through great leadership and teamwork. It's a show with 59 kids and it's not easy putting together a show with 59 kids. It's wonderful to see how it has all come about."

Based on the film, "Aladdin Jr." centers around the story of Aladdin, a vagabond who competes for the affections of a beautiful princess named Jasmine.

Aladdin uses a genie's magic power to become a prince in order to marry her in this tale of romance and intrigue.

The dual cast list of "Aladdin Jr.," along with understudies, is as follows:

Aladdin: Bret Arton

Jasmine: Claire Ballard

Jafar: Brady Pillstorm

Sultan: John Michael Dukes

Aladdin: Peyton Gillis

Jasmine: McKenzie Brewer

Jafar: Ethan Witt

Sultan: Kiera Tarver

Iago: Jody Hawkins

Genie: Calvin Barnes III

Razoul: Aaron Haas

Abu: Atreyu Armstrong

Magic Carpet: Vananya McChristion

Guards: Davis Jackson, David Vickers

Narrators: Karis Chambliss, Charlotte Wilson, Macy Gallimore, Sophia Werneck, Alyssa Shepard, Elisa Stocking, Nicole Stocking


Larissa Gaines

Tatum Witt

Belle Roberts

Lynleigh Pillstrom

Lisa Vickers

Xavier Townsend

Rose Stafford

Eli Harrington

Kaylee Twilley

Alli Twilley

Vann Gallimore

Gabriella Bruce

Samantha Maultsby

Aidan Hoy

Julienne Alinsub

Matthew Cox

Shelby Smith

Bethany Pinkston

Madeline Cobb

Dylan Patrick

Sydney Martin

Jase McCommon

Trent Vickers

DJ Whealon

Jacey Jackson

Meagan Tarver

Madison Cannon

Olivia Jones

Madeline Snow

Lily Grace Kirk

Whit Stogner

Brianna Szewczyk

Sophia Carpenter

Jenna McClain

Rekeia Mazique

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