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The number of COVID-19 cases in DeSoto reached 30,000 cases this week, according to figures released by Mississippi State Department of Health on Monday.

But it appears the number of active cases attributed to the Delta variant may have peaked and is leveling off in the county.

County EMS Director Mark Davis told the Board of Supervisors that cases are at 30,014, which is up 1,574 since the board’s last meeting two weeks ago. The county’s active cases saw a decrease of 538. The county did record two more deaths from COVID, putting the death toll at 348.

Davis said the seven-day trend averaged 1,685 cases, which is down by 267. The 14-day trend averaged 1,571, also down by 267 cases. 

“You can see on the daily charts our numbers have been coming down somewhat the last two weeks,” Davis said. "Knock on wood, it looks like we have hit our peak and started leveling out a little bit as far as active cases go.”

On the vaccination side, 17,298 or 42 percent of county residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine, and 67,213 or 36 percent of residents are fully vaccinated.

Davis said area hospitals have been utilizing the extra nurses sent by Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, which has helped reduce wait times for ambulances dropping off patients at the ER.

Gov. Tate Reeves sent 808 nurses, 3 nurse anesthetists, 22 nurse practitioners, 193 respiratory therapists, and 20 paramedics to over 50 hospitals statewide to assist with staffing shortages.

“They seem to be helping,” Davis said. “They’re still busy, but it’s not like it was. Our wait times have come down. We were averaging two to three hour wait times. We’re down to about an hour wait time.”

The board also approved extending the county’s state of emergency for another 30 days through Oct. 18.

“It’s kind of important now,” Davis said. “There had been some pressure to let it lapse. But if it does, we could lose our staffing at the hospitals and our federal money.”

Community Resource Director Christie Barclay updated the board about the status of the availability of booster shots. Barclay said residents who are immunocompromised can now sign up to get a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine to boost their protection as long as their doctor recommends one.

“They (CDC) recommend eight months from your last dose, but if you are immunocompromised and your doctor says you need it sooner, you can do that,” Barclay said.  

To sign up for an appointment for a booster go to the state website or call the MSDH hotline at 877-978-6453 for more information.

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