Michael Lee

Supervisor Mark Gardner passes the gavel to incoming board president Michael Lee during the Board of Supervisors first meeting of 2022.

DeSoto County Board of Supervisors elected a new president and vice president and got right to business at its first meeting in 2022.

District 5 Supervisor Michael Lee was elected to serve as board president, taking over the gavel from outgoing board president and District 2 Supervisor Mark Gardner.

“It’s been an honor to serve as board president this past year, and I appreciate the honor bestowed on me by my fellow supervisors,” Gardner said. “I have enjoyed it this year and will enjoy handing this gavel over.”

The Board of Supervisors elects a new president every year with the job rotating among members. This is Lee’s second time as president.

“I want to thank everyone for having faith in me,” Lee said. Most of all I want to thank all of the citizens and constituents in the county for having faith in me. This is my eighth year I’m going on. Lord how time flies.”

District 4 Supervisor Lee Caldwell praised Gardner for his hard work over the past year in the president’s chair.

“You have done a great job,” Caldwell said. “We really appreciate all the hard work. It takes a lot to be board president. You worked hard to keep us informed, attended meetings, and represented us so well. We just appreciate thats so much. It is important to always have a good predecessor, someone who can step in and take you by the arm and lead where you left off.”

District 1 Supervisor Jessie Medlin, who has been on the board for 30 years and also served in that role, added that being board president can be a difficult job.

“Sitting in that chair seems good when you first start out,” Medlin said. “I’ve done it a few times. You are always ready when the year is up most of the time to get rid of that. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, and a lot of trips to Hernando, sometimes it’s at night time for something that has to be signed and it can interfere with family life. Supervisor Gardner has done a real good job.”

Medlin joked that Lee won’t have very far to travel when they need him for something. Lee is a barber whose shop is located on the court square.

“It works good with Michael being president because he is right across the street,” Medlin said.

“I've signed a lot of papers,” Lee said. “With that being said, let’s move on.”

District 3 Supervisor Ray Denison will serve as board vice-president.


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