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If you never thought DeSoto County was growing, or thought the growth was overstated, outgoing County Tax Assessor Parker Pickle has some numbers for you. About two billion of them to be exact.

In his final report on the tax roll for DeSoto County at Monday’s DeSoto County Supervisors meeting in Hernando, Pickle announced that the county has exceeded the $2 billion mark in assessed value for the first time ever.

“We went over $2 billion in assessed value,” Pickle said. “The assessed value is the figure that you use to calculate property taxes with. It starts with the appraised value but then when you get to the assessed value. The $2 billion figure is for the total assessed value.”

Pickle said the total is a 4.23 percent increase. He added the total appraised value for property in the county this year is at $14.528 billion.

“Those are just big numbers,” Pickle said, adding the total assessed value is actually $2,009,029,294.

“That’s the first time in 28 years as an assessor that we have gone over that $2 billion figure,” Pickle said. “When I took over in 1991, our total assessed value was $288 million. That means a house, a business, an industry and cars. That’s what adds up to the total value.”

Pickle said the five classes of property that are included are real property, personal property, vehicles, public utilities and mobile homes.

The assessed value is the figure that is used to calculate property taxes with the millage rate between the city, the county and the school district, Pickle said.

The county tax assessor is retiring from the position, which is on the August primary election ballot and the November general election ballot.

Jeff Fitch, Roger Palmer and Lemuel Girard Threatt are vying for the Republican nomination for the post, with no Democrats listed on the ballot.

“I can assure you that Parker (Pickle) feels as strongly about fair assessments as he does growth,” said County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard. “He has always been known as fair in his assessments. This is simply growth from additional building and upgrades.”

Lynchard added the county has not seen a millage increase for property taxes in 15 years, which she said was achieved by the growth in assessed values that Pickle turns over and the supervisors’ efforts to watch expenses. She called the $2 billion figure, “a historical mark for our county.”

In other action from Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, a planning item to rezone land on the south side of Kirk Road and east of Polk Lane for the DeSoto Business Center was rejected. The application was to rezone 58.75 acres of land from AR to M-1.

County officials also approved the purchase of additional Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs for county use. Seven will be placed in county road trucks, two will be in the Sheriff’s Department Administration building and another will be placed in the new Chancery Courtroom.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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