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New reports that have recently come out from a number of sources continue to attest to DeSoto County’s good health and good livings. 

“The Rankings State Report,” from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation, lists DeSoto County as the third-most healthy county in the state of Mississippi.

DeSoto County is ranked just below Rankin and Madison counties. The reports rated each county on several health outcomes and factors, also social and economic factors, and physical environment.

The five counties with the poorest health, according to the report, are Quitman, Jefferson, Holmes, Coahoma and Sharkey counties.

DeSoto ranked third in health outcomes, which included length of life and quality of life, where DeSoto finished number two.

In overall health factors, DeSoto County was fourth overall and seventh in health behaviors, which addressed adult smoking, adult obesity, excessive drinking, alcohol-impaired driving deaths and other factors.

The county is a bit before the state overall in adult obesity at 32 percent, compared to 37 percent for the entire state.

Under clinical care, 10 percent of DeSoto Countians were uninsured, a percentage which is lower than the state’s 14 percent.

The report listed a ratio of one primary care physician for every 2,830 residents and one dentist for every 2,710 residents.

Under social factors, 89 percent are high school graduates and 67 percent have attended some college. Thirteen percent of children are living in poverty and 32 percent of children are living in single-parent homes.

Another report lists top 10 affordable places to live in the state, according to SmartAsset in its fifth annual ranking of Most Affordable Places to Live in Mississippi.

SmartAsset is a financial technology company aiming to provide personal finance advice.

The company put together figures for a city’s average closing costs, annual property taxes, homeowners insurance, average annual mortgage payment and median income to come up with an affordability index.

“Specifically, we found the total cost over five years of these four expenses—closing costs, taxes, insurance and mortgage payments—for the average home in every county in the U.S., and every city with a population greater than 5,000,” the report stated. “We then took that five-year cost as a proportion of median household income in each county and city to determine affordability.”

The results of the study has Horn Lake as the fourth-most affordable place to live in Mississippi with an index of 45.98. Southaven is ranked sixth at 42.63,

The most affordable place to live in Mississippi is Gulf Park Estates, on the Gulf Coast, with an affordability index of 53.97.

For Horn Lake, the average closing costs amount to $2,369. Average annual property tax is $1,073, average homeowners insurance costs are $1,427, average annual mortgage payments are $4,531 and the annual median income is $47,300.

In Southaven, average closing costs are $2,490, the annual property taxes are $1,226, the annual homeowner’s insurance amounts to $2,022, the average annual mortgage payment is $6,419 and the median annual income in Southaven is $60,093.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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