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Mississippi based non-profit organization WoodmenLife recently donated $25,000 to Palmer Home for Children with funds from a cancelled conference. 

After WoodmenLife’s 2021 jurisdictional meeting was forced to go virtual, the company had extra funds to donate to a charity of their choice. 

According to Kristy White, WoodmenLife’s communication director, after hotel rooms were cancelled, WoodmenLife received substantial funds back. 

“Every two years, both regions meet together for jurisdictional meetings,” White said. “2021 was the north’s year, and after we got our deposits back for hotel rooms when it was cancelled, we had about $24,000.”

WoodmenLife suggested that each branch make a donation of $1,000 to a charity that aligned with a theme of “feeding the hungry.”

White said she immediately thought Palmer Home could be an option.

“A friend of mine works for Palmer Home, and the donation needed to be neutral, meaning it wasn’t just in the north or just in the south,” White said. “I knew Palmer Home takes children from all over, so it was perfect.” 

WoodmenLife is an insurance company that is also a non-profit. White said donating to Palmer Home aligned perfectly with their mission. 

“They told us they wanted to make a donation that would have a huge impact,” White said. “Our mission is family, community and country. It was the perfect checkmark to our mission.” 

Although WoodmenLife only asked its branches to donate $1,000, the Mississippi branch decided to add $1,000 onto the $24,000 from the cancelled conference. 

“We just knew that we wanted to make a difference and a huge impact, so we decided to go ahead and donate all of the money,” White said. 

White said WoodmenLife was happy to choose Palmer Home as the recipient of the donation.

“It was just great to know that we were helping folks in our community, and we donated to the campus division,” White said. “We were able to help them feed, clothe and purchase supplies for their incoming children that way.” 

Lauren Waites, vice president of communications at Palmer Home for Children, said her organization is extremely grateful for the donation. 

“It was incredibly generous,” Waites said. “We see it as a huge blessing that will help us cover our budget.” 

Palmer Home plans to use the money for incoming children over the summer. 

“We have several new children due to the pandemic,” Waites said. “We try to give them a fun summer experience, so we can use some of those funds to send them to things like vacation bible schools and church camps.” 

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