Cedar Hill Farm’s first planned annual Christmas lights show was bright with merry faces Friday night as event-goers sought out the festive electric displays.

“There’s two different light shows, a farm tractor train ride around to look at lights with synchronized music,” Robert Foster said, “and a second 20 minute show where folks can sit at the outdoor amphitheater.”

The outdoor show is called “The Greatest Story Ever Told'' featuring light displays synchronized to favorite Christmas music and a narrated story about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Foster, owner and operator of Cedar Hill Farm, said he was excited to host the family-centric festivities throughout the Christmas season.

Friday night was the opening for the events, including the ½ mile train ride around the “North Pole.”  Decorative lights dotted the farm scenery to create a festive ride around a pond. One light display was a row of multi-colored arches that created a tunnel effect for riders.

Santa Claus was also in attendance opening night visiting with children and families at The Barn restaurant. Saint Nick listened to wish lists from kids and posed for photos. 

Kids big and small were bundled up with some making use of fire pits for rent, hot chocolate and the warmth of huddling together with family and friends.

Foster said his crew started around the eighth of November preparing and setting up displays. 

“It took about three weeks,” Foster said. “There were probably ten people getting ready with decorations and lights.”

Christmas trees are also available for sale at the farm before dark each day. Trees have been sold at Cedar Hill since 2009 and Breakfast with Santa events for close to ten years, according to Foster. 

The Hankins family, of Coldwater, spent time Friday afternoon walking through the groves to select a fresh tree for Christmas.

“There’s a lot more people now getting real trees,” Foster said. “People are getting away from fake trees. Tree sales are very busy the first weekend after Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December.”

Cedar Hill Farm’s Christmas displays will run through December 23.

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