Lifesaver rescue

The body of a 52-year-old man was discovered floating in the Mississippi River near the Tunica County-DeSoto County line on Sunday, according to DeSoto County Coroner Jeff Pounders.

"On Sunday, around 9 a.m., there were people on board a tugboat and a barge who reported the sighting of a body in the river around the Tunica and DeSoto County line," Pounders said.

Pounders said that authorities were alerted and the DeSoto County Search and Rescue Squad responded to the scene, using their personnel to retrieve the body.

According to Pounders, the man was identified as Garland Woods, 52, who had reportedly jumped from the Hernando DeSoto River Bridge back on Nov. 6.

"We checked with Memphis authorities and they said they had the video of the man jumping into the river," Pounders said.

Pounders said that Woods had phoned Memphis Police to alert them to the fact that he planned to jump.

Pounders said the man's vehicle was discovered at the scene of where he plunged to his death.

Pounders said that it appeared that Woods was dealing with personal problems and had been depressed at the time that he jumped.

The holiday season, while a joyous time for many, is often a time when people often become depressed and exhibit suicidal tendencies.

Mental health officials say that suicide hotlines and mental health crisis centers deal with such situations as best they can.

Connie Stewart, Director of the NFusion Project, a program of Region IV Mental Health Services, said the parents of clients the program serves often face stress and depression this time of year.

"Take time out to do some self analysis and reach out for help if you need it," Stewart said.

Stewart said Region IV Mental Health Services has a mobile crisis response team of counselors which can render help by calling 1-888-287-4443.

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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