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Dr. Andrea Moore, church administrator at Northwest Church of Christ in Southaven and speech pathologist with Bartlett, Tenn. City Schools, is the author of a year-long book of short devotionals called, "Walking with God, Week by Week, Day by Day."

Bob Bakken|DTT

By day, Dr. Andrea Moore is the lead speech pathologist for the Bartlett, Tenn. City School District, but she also serves as church administrator and serves in several ministries with her church, Northwest Church of Christ of Southaven, located off Stateline and Millbranch Roads.

With everything Moore gets involved in, from helping schoolchildren with speech and communication issues to dealing with administration and ministry programs at Northwest Church of Christ, which is led by Bro. Tradanius Beard, it may be hard to believe she has also found time to be an author.

But, Moore’s compilation of short devotionals, one for each day of the week and one for each week of the year, entitled ‘Walking with God, Week by Week, Day by Day,’ is the inspiration of her life experiences and her faith walk.

Each week has a specific theme, each day under that theme has its own theme and each one has a Biblical reference attached to it.

“I began writing the daily devotionals during the 2013-14 school year,” Moore said. “There was a bit of a transitional period as far as my job was concerned, so I wrote those and began sending them out to the congregation as well as people back home in Cleveland, Miss.”

Moore said people encouraged her to publish the encouraging messages, but after a year had passed, she tried to disconnect herself from continuing to write. Her readers wouldn’t let her.

“So I starting doing a weekly devotional with 5-7 Scriptures on that theme and it came together as a book,” Moore said.

The devotionals reflect Moore’s reflections and response to the times in her life where she needed God the most.

‘It was really during a tough year in my life that required a lot of ‘knee’ time and a lot of prayer,” Moore said. “Coming out of my prayer is when a lot of these words came. That year increased my faith in ways that probably no other experience has ever done. I feel like my faith is definitely stronger now and is growing every day.”

In the book, readers will find a specific theme for each week of the year, such as encouragement. From that, a theme of the day, such as “Tactic Tuesday,” was developed for each weekly theme. Each snippet of thought and commentary has a Scripture connected to that brief message, one or two for each day and between five and seven for the week.

“I know that life can be difficult at times and my hope is that this book will provide some encouragement to individuals,” Moore said. “Not only during those difficult times but even in the good times to help us to know, understand and appreciate God for what He is and our faith walk, for what it is.”

But, “Walking with God, Week by Week, Day by Day” won’t be the last time that Moore takes pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

Concerned about how sexual immorality has permeated society and touched even churches, Moore said she is compiling what she called a curriculum on abstinence and it is especially geared toward churches.

“In October 2016, I took a purity pledge with about 20 other young ladies and since that time, I’ve seen the need within the community and within churches to talk about sexual purity and how that goes along with a faith walk,” Moore said. “It is not something we talk about much in churches like we used to. When I was growing up we were talking about it all the time, what the Bible says about it, but today it’s oftentimes hidden.”

Moore’s book, “Walking with God, Week by Week, Day by Day,” is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through the iTunes Store. Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. is the publisher.

Moore said she is working on having a book signing event in the near future at the West End Bistro, located just north of Stateline Road West on Highway 51 in Southaven.

For more information, Moore may be reached at

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext 240.

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