Pork Belly Sliders

It’s BBQ season!  That term has multiple meanings for me because not only am I excited about some deck time with my family, cooking some amazing things on the grill - but, this weekend Robert and I head out for our first KCBS BBQ competition of the year.  We’ve been cooking BBQ competitively since 2017 as “Uncle Feol’s BBQ” and have learned the ins and outs about what it takes to impress a discerning judge.

Our first stop this year is the Bull Moose contest in Somerville, TN and then we turn around and come back home for our favorite contest of the year - Southaven Springfest.  It’s a busy week, but so much fun.  The kids love the carnival and the 3 days hanging out at Snowden Grove.  This year I’m extra excited to be able to walk across the pedestrian bridge to Silo Square and grab a cup of coffee at Beans and Leaves or a much needed frozen drink at Tekila.

If you come to Springfest, come say HELLO at the big blue Outlaw camper.  I’d love to meet you!

Here’s a tasty, easy recipe to ease into the grilling season.  I’ll take any opportunity to cook some pork belly - it is, after all, essentially BACON!  If you want to up your game and make it even more homemade I have a great slider bun recipe on my website familywellnessjournal.com (titled Einkorn Dinner Rolls).  Use your favorite seasonings and sauces to customize.  Enjoy!

BBQ Pork Belly Sliders

1.5 lbs pork belly

BBQ seasoning of choice

12 slider buns

4 tablespoons melted butter

Sharp Cheddar Cheese (small 3-4” slices)

BBQ sauce

1 ½ cups coleslaw

Preheat your pellet smoker and set the temperature at 300 degrees.  On a charcoal grill, move hot coals over to one side to create a cool side for indirect heat.

Cut the pork belly into slices 3” wide and ½” thick.  Season liberally with your favorite BBQ seasoning or rub (such as a sweet and savory rub, or Heath Riles Honey Rub (from Kroger).  Arrange the pork belly slices on a wire rack over a sheet pan and place on the smoker.  If you’re cooking over coals, place in the indirect heat zone NOT over the coals.  Cook for about 60 min or until the edges crisp up and no pink remains in the middle.  For the last 10 minutes of cooking, brush the tops with your favorite sweet BBQ sauce.  

Toast your separated slider buns in the oven at 400 for 3-4 minutes until lightly toasted.  Brush the insides with melted butter.  Arrange two slices of pork belly, a slice or two of sharp cheddar cheese and a small scoop of coleslaw and then the top of the bun.

These would be great with some tater tots or a three-bean salad.  Enjoy!

About me:

Shannon Feol lives with her husband, Robert, and 3 kids in Olive Branch. She is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor and owns the blog FamilyWellness-Journal.com Shannon’s recipes are focused around cooking delicious and beautiful food that’s made with healthy ingredients. She’s also a devoted AUtism mom who is passionate about helping others with a holistic approach. Robert and Shannon own and operate Uncle Feol’s BBQ - an award- winning competition team in the KCBS circuit.

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