EDITOR’S NOTE: The Dining Duo are a couple of foodies who enjoy eating out and sampling the local cuisine in the Mid-South. To ensure the reviews are unbiased and that the duo remain anonymous, their identities are masked behind their favorite comic book heroes.


La Torcia Brick Oven Pizza

2428 E Parkway St.



4 POWs


There are a lot of pizza places out there with “brick oven” in the name and they are almost always all good. I tend to like brick oven pizza because there is often times a smoky flavor to it and it produces a crisper crust.

Tired of fried foods, bored with subs, empty cupboards at home, and not in the mood for fast food, I went searching through the restaurant listings in Hernando looking for someplace different to try for lunch and came across La Torcia Brick Oven Pizza.

It wasn’t a hard sell to get my Justice League colleague Aquaman to join me. He had been there before, but it had been a while so he was eager to try it again.

I was impressed the minute I walked in the door. La Torcia was already pretty full, which is usually a good sign if the locals eat there. And, it looked like a pizza joint should, complete with raised booths, brick walls, neon beer signs, and an open kitchen where you can see them making your food.

Reading over the menu, La Torcia has a pretty good selection of speciality pizzas with combos with name like Bubba’s, pork paradise, double trouble, and BBQ Chicken Luau (yes, it does have pineapple on it!) Or, if those aren’t to your liking, you can also create your own. And if you’re not in the mood for pizza, La Torcia also has sandwiches, pastas, and salads to choose from.

This was a late lunch and both Aquaman and I were hungry after a long day of crime fighting. We decided to start with an appetizer of spicy pizza sticks, basically bread sticks topped with jalapeños, garlic butter and mozzarella cheese served with a side of marinara sauce.

We both thought the pizza sticks were only okay. The garlic butter gave the bread a nice flavor and the jalapeños definitely gave it some zip. Other than that, I agree with my underwater chum’s assessment that “they’re nothing special. It’s just buttered bread with some jalapeños on it and some pizza dipping sauce.  But I was hungry. So it hit the spot.”

For his main course, Aquaman decided to try the Big Italy pizza. The combo comes with Alfredo sauce, ham, Italian sausage, meatballs, mozzarella, Jalapeños, bacon, and provolone cheese.

Aquaman liked the crust and commented that the combination of topping go well with the Alfredo base. 

I decided to try the chicken bacon ranch quesadillas. I was shocked when they arrived. There were way more than I had expected. It was an eight inch pizza pan with about a dozen quesadillas. The flour tortillas were filled with chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, and ranch dressing, and was topped with garlic butter and a parmesan romano cheese mix on top. It came with a side of ranch dip. The chicken and cheese combined with the bacon and the ranch sauce for a really nice taste. The garlic butter was a bit too much, but did not spoil the overall taste. I was hard pressed to eat all of them at one sitting.

It’s always nice when you walk away from a restaurant well pleased with what you ordered. Both Aquaman and I agreed that we will be back. “Their speciality pizza selection, they all sound good,” Aquaman said. And at barely $10 apiece, La Torcia is a bargain for lunch. “I think it is the best pizza in Hernando,” Aquaman said. “It’s different from all the other places in town.”


We give La Torcia 4 POWs.


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