EDITOR’S NOTE: The Dining Duo are a couple of foodies who enjoy eating out and sampling the local cuisine in the Mid-South. To ensure the reviews are unbiased and that the duo remain anonymous, their identities are masked behind their favorite comic book heroes.


Jason’s Deli 

4850 Goodman Rd.

Olive Branch 


5 out of 5 POWs


A sandwich place is always a go-to for a quick refreshing lunch. This week, I had Harley Quinn with me, so I wanted something that wouldn’t take too long. She can be a handful sometimes. 

I had passed by Jason’s Deli quite a few times, but never stopped. Today, I figured we would give it a try. 

I assumed it would be like any other sandwich joint, and while it was similar, the menu had some more unique options than normal sandwich shops. 

Harley Quinn ordered half a Carmella and a cup of potato soup. The Carmella has salami, pepperoni and ham with melted provolone and pepper relish served on sourdough ($9.23). It was no surprise that Harley ordered such an interesting sandwich, she’s always been a bit out of the box. 

“I love pepper relish, so I’m excited about this one,” Harley said. 

I went for more of a classic and got the New York Yankee. The sandwich comes with 3/4 pound of corned beef. I was worried at first that we would just receive a sandwich and nothing else. I was expecting them to ask what kinds of chips I wanted. That would have been nice, but I was happy that it came with ruffled chips. When they brought me my sandwich, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

"Holy Cow! This is just packed with meat. I bet this is four inches thick and about a pound of meat,” I said. 

I could barely get my mouth around it.

Although it was stacked with meat, I thought it lacked taste. Usually pastrami has a peppery and briney flavor to it. 

"It's good, but I'm not sure I would call this New York style pastrami. It was fine though. I think it might have been better with some spicy mustard," I said.

The world's greatest detective was NO match for the New York Yankee. Stuffed to the gills, I was forced to take half of it home.

I also ordered a cup of chicken pot pie soup ($4.30)

I had no idea what to expect...but boy am I glad I tried it. The soup was thick and creamy and loaded with peas, carrots and chunks of chicken

"It was like eating a chicken pot pie without the crust. It's nice and creamy. I have never seen this soup anywhere before. It's very unique. I highly recommend it,” I said. 

Overall, I think almost everything on the menu looks good. They are made to order which is always a plus. I may have found my new favorite.

Harley enjoyed her Carmella, but said it was not her favorite pepper relish. 

“It’s really good, I just don’t know about the pepper relish. It kind of has a weird texture,” Harley said. 

My dining partner was a fan of her potato soup, though. 

“This is really good soup, I like that it’s not just completely overloaded with cheese and bacon,” Harley said. “This place is great.” 

I was also surprised to see that they had soft serve ice cream

Although very full, I made myself a chocolate ice cream cone. The ice cream was a bit drippy, but then again I have never been able to master the art of the ice cream cone twist.

"This was a nice touch,” I said. 

The total bill came to $33.60 which wasn't a lot for the quality of the ingredients and the portions

The days of finding lunch for $5 and $10 are over. I thought that's about what you would pay if we had gone to Lenny's or probably more at Newk's. We both gave it a 5 out of 5 and look forward to going back to try more of their creations.


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