I’m often disgusted with politics and hype and silliness. You’ll find  POLITICS everywhere, even in an office atmosphere, sometimes in a church atmosphere — anywhere there are people. 

Where are we going? And reckon it would be in a handbasket?

I stop daily and give thanks to my Maker that He is taking care of me. I don’t have all the things I want.  I do, however, have what I need. Who knows — I probably couldn’t handle a bunch of filthy lucre with the same majesty and grace that King Solomon did.  Yeah — I’m pretty sure I couldn’t. 

My grandparents went through the Great Depression. My dad was young at the time but he still had a good taste of it.  In 1929 the stock market crashed, wiping out 40 percent of the paper values of common stock. By 1932 approximately one out of every four Americans was unemployed! 

I remember the grandparents talking about the rationing of gasoline, sugar, tea and coffee during the depression and World War II. 

Rationing was the government regulation limiting the amount of product the people were allowed to purchase. My grandmother used to tell me about how they were issued tokens and books of stamps, which were needed to buy sugar, coffee, meat and other items. If you had the money but did not have the right stamps, you could not buy the products. You went without. Period.

Gasoline was also rationed. Depending on your job, you were allowed only so many gallons a week. There was very little unnecessary driving. Shoes were rationed because of the shortage of leather. Recycling was something that was done because of necessity not political correctness.

Clothing styles changed because cloth was scarce. Dresses became shorter and it had nothing to do with showing off a long, shapely leg. A lot of clothing was made from old feed sacks, which had designs printed on them. I can remember my grandmother still making kitchen towels from feed sacks when I was a child. 

The harshness of the times and what they went through caused these dear folks to keep on hoarding when they came out of the depression. Until the day they died they overstocked their larder. They kept enough food around the house to feed an army. It made them feel secure.

During the Great Depression, housewives were encouraged to grow gardens and can vegetables and raise their own meat. The World War II slogan for the time was, “Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do and Do Without.”

No, I am not writhing in a state of panic. I’m not psychic, but I see strange writings on the wall. Just sayin’ — what if we as a society had to (yes, had to) go through the kind of deprivation that our grandparents or great-grandparents went through? I have no doubt that we would survive, but at what cost?

I don’t know about you but I know I’ve gone marshmallow soft (in more ways than one). I do so like my creature comforts. But, gone are the days of self-reliance where we grew our own food and made our own clothes. We buy everything. What if it wasn’t there to buy or we didn’t have the money to buy it? What then? 

Those folks back in 1929 certainly did not expect the hardship and poverty that they all of a sudden woke up to one morning. No one was prepared. 

Many families are still feeling the monetary pinch from another recession dip and are trimming family spending by cutting down on entertainment, eating out and buying new clothes, and using fuel and electricity more cautiously. 

There are things I buy that I don’t need — so, I know I can do a lot of cutting back even in my meager budget. And I am going to, really I am — as soon as I purchase that new purse I saw yesterday. (Those who know me know about my handbag addiction). 

I’m going to get some professional help — soon as I get the purse paid off.

DALE LILLY  is Lifestyles Editor, aka The Gilded Lilly at lifestyles@desototimes.com.

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