Yeah, I’m crazy — canine crazy.

A dog is a man’s (boy’s, girl’s and woman’s) best friend. And why is that? Because…Even among domesticated animals, the dog stands out as perhaps the only fully domesticated species. Goats are domesticated and can be tame, but they rarely make intimate companions. H. Hediger, the director of the Zoological Gardens of Zurich, writes that the dog, basically a domesticated wolf, was the first creature with which humans formed intimate bonds that were intense on both sides. According to Hediger, no other animal stands in such intimate psychological union with us; only the dog seems capable of reading our thoughts and “reacting to our faintest changes of expression or mood.” German dog trainers use the term Gefuhlsinn (a feeling for feelings) to talk about the fact that a dog can sense our moods.

My rescued pug dog, Melvin (THE GREAT), is trying to be a clone of me, not the other way around. Well, he’s almost a dog. He’s like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell. 

Melvin has a personality disorder. He loves everybody and wants everybody to love him and pet him.

What he does not like is my computer and my Kindle. He’s jealous of them. He thinks he’s a lap dog even though he’s 26” around. I’m afraid to weigh him. Anyway, in my lap he will maneuver himself to get in front of the computer — thus, diverting my attention where it belongs — on his highness. I read in bed, so he does the same thing with my Kindle.

I have a passion for licorice. Always have, always will. I love to eat radishes with my corn and pickles with my peas. 

“Chunky Monkey” apparently does not know he is adopted and is not my legitimate child. If there is licorice in the house, I might as well put it out in plain view and not even try to hide it. He is a begging little brat.

I can only stand so much of the whining little putz before I fold and give him some licorice followed by a radish. Yeah! He likes them, too.

I know that statement will sic the veterinarians running after me with hot tar and feathers. Don’t even think about sending the SPCA to see me unless it’s because I’ve spoiled the little beige rat so rotten that he thinks in Homosapiens, not canine.  

No, I’m NOT feeding him from the table. 

Just ‘cause we don’t eat at the table. 

But, he’s taking the food right out of my mouth (figuratively speaking). 

I’ve never heard anything about licorice and radishes being bad for dogs.

I know they aren’t going to kill him because he has been eating them for years, just like “he mama do.” 

Helps the digestion. 

DALE LILLY  is Lifestyles Editor can be reached at

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