Heidi Newsom and Alandria Ramsey created a space for all ages to have fun and take their best selfies at their new selfie studio, Make a Scene.

Newsom and Alandria are both teachers and DeSoto County natives that saw a need for something for teenagers to do, and the studio is located at the Tanger Outlets in Southaven. 

“There was just nothing for teenagers to want to do. They’re too old for some of the activities like Bounce, and too young for other things,” said Newsom. “My teenage girls needed something to do and somewhere they would enjoy working.” 

In this day and age, social media is such a critical part of everyday life, especially for teenagers. Newsom said this is why Make a Scene is a great option for them.

“We wanted to give them something fun where they could interact with each other and create content for their social media,” said Newsom. 

Even though teens tend to be the target audience for selfie studios, Newsom said a variety of ages have visited Make a Scene. 

“It’s not just for teenagers,” said Newsom. “We’ve had some women come for girls' nights, and it’s a great thing to do on a date night.” 

Make a Scene offers 40 backgrounds for visitors to pose with, and ring lights to ensure a trendy ambience. Newsom said to keep customers coming back, some backgrounds are switched out. 

“We want to keep it fresh and new, so we change out some of the backgrounds monthly,” said Newsom.

Sadler Surratt, a frequent customer of the studio, said that she has visited Make a Scene a few times since their opening, and enjoys having something different to do. 

“I’ve been a handful of times, and it's always different, which makes it really fun,” Surratt said. 

Newsom said chatter about Make a Scene is buzzing in DeSoto County. 

“A lot of people didn’t want to drive to the one [selfie studio] in Memphis, so there’s a lot of talk about people being excited that there is one here,” said Newsom. 

Make a Scene encourages that visitors purchase tickets online, but walk-ins are also welcome. Right now, Newsom and Ramsey are already looking to add a second location and more employees as the business grows.

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