It didn’t take long before people’s arms were loaded down with bags and baskets of their favorite spring produce and goods on Saturday.

The historic court square in Hernando was the epicenter of market goers scrambling to snag greens, fruit, honey, eggs, organic products and more at the season’s first farmer’s market.

Tonya Wofford, representing Bee-Cause It’s Natural Micro-Greens, based in Hernando, was close to selling out her stock early during the market.

“We sold out of broccoli, kale, we have a little bit of sunflower left,” said Wofford. “We also sold out of our fresh eggs.”

Wofford welcomed the wave of people circling the square. 

“Microgreens are a love of ours. We want to be healthy and I love sharing that with everybody. We came this morning with 40 containers, now we have about 10 left,” Wofford said around 9 a.m. Saturday.

Other popular vendors of the market included nine-year market veterans Doty and Curtis Taylor, from Ingram’s Mill, selling specialty birdhouses; the “flower ladies” Maureen Morgan and Lorraine Faulkner, with their garden offerings; and Happy Jack Hill, stocking pure honey and displaying live bees in a transparent enclosure.  

Jodi Galloway, owner of Rose’s Bark Bakery returned to Hernando after selling out at the arts festival last weekend.

“We are stocked up this time, like triple what we had last Saturday.” said Galloway. “We sold out at the Hernando Arts Festival. After the market, we’re headed to the arts council and animal shelter fundraiser.”

The Hernando Farmers Market will continue every Saturday through October on the court square.

Credit cards and SNAP/EBT can be redeemed at the farmers market table for tokens to be used at vendor booths. WIC & Senior Vouchers are accepted. Children's POP bucks and SNAP Double Up Bucks incentives are redeemable for fresh fruits and veggies.  For more information, email


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