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Buon Cibo

2631 McIngvale Road


5 POWs

It’s easy sometimes to poke fun at the dining options in Hernando because it seems like there is a Mexican restaurant on every corner. Now, just to be clear, I love Mexican food and I am pretty sure that I have tried every one in Hernando. What’s more, I don’t think I’ve had a bad meal at any one of them.

But Hernando definitely has one place that nobody else in DeSoto County has, and believe me, it is worth the drive for lunch. I’m talking, of course, about Buon Cibo. I am probably preaching to the choir for those of you who live in Hernando who already know that it’s a great place to eat, but for us non locals who may not get down to Hernando that often, Buon Cibo is a real treat and a must stop place for lunch.

It has been over a year since I last ate at Buon Cibo. To be honest, I think I may have been a little harsh on them the first time I ate there. Live Wire, on the other hand, while not quite a Hernando local, was already a fan of the place. I had some business to conduct in Hernando anyway, so after talking it over with the super villain, we both came to the same conclusion that we were in a Buon Cibo kind of mood. “I’ve had other things on the menu and it is always good,” Live Wire said.

I had some time to kill until Buon Cibo opened, so after stops at the bank and Post Office, I decided to explore Commerce Street Market, which I had driven by before, but had never been inside the place. I wish I had more time to flip through all of the vintage vinyl records that I came across. You can bet that I will be back.

Live Wire knew what she wanted right away at Buon Cibo. The ham and cheese sandwich ($12.50) proved irresistible. Normally it’s a pretty good rule of thumb that when eating out to order something that you can’t make yourself at home. But this is no ordinary ham and cheese sandwich. No sir. This is where the folks at Buon Cibo excel at what they do. The sandwich came stacked with ham and was dressed with cream cheese, Jezebel sauce, and arugula on an everything bagel. Live Wire chose their pasta salad as a side. “I love their pasta salad,” she said.

The sandwich was everything that Live Wire hoped for - and more. The bagel was fresh and humongous and stacked with ham. “They don’t skimp on the ham,” Live Wire said. “It tasted like a honey ham.” What really made the sandwich for her though, was the Jezebel sauce, which gave it a unique extra tasty flavor. “Whatever is in it, it is delicious and addictive,” the baddie said. “This was just an excellent sandwich. The sauce and the cream cheese are a great combination to go along with the ham. I could eat on this for two days.”

I decided to try one of Buon Cibo’s burgers and ordered their pimento cheeseburger ($14.50) with a side of fries. If you follow this column with any regularity, you probably know that I am always in the mood for a burger. This proved to be a good selection. The burger was cooked just the way I liked (medium well) and the patty was big and plump and juicy and seasoned just right. Pimento cheese, which is often referred to as the “pate of the South,” isn’t something that I normally eat, but I wanted a little something to give the burger an extra flavor. While I would not say that their pimento cheese is as good as the one at Pimento’s Burgers, Bar & Grill in Memphis, it was still pretty darn tasty. In fact, it could have used some more! Some applewood bacon and a nice fresh bun sealed the deal for me.

Buon Cibo gets quadruple extra points from me too for their fries. I love hand cut fries. They are my absolute favorite. Buon Cibo included a generous heaping portion of fries and I would say that they are right up there with the ones they serve at Five Guys.

Our bill came to $30, which might sound pricey, but really, it’s not for the quality that you get at Buon Cibo. It’s worth every penny because you can tell that the ingredients are fresh and the whole thing is made to order. What’s more, just like they say on their website, they take the time to do it right. So if you find yourself in Hernando looking for a place to go to for lunch, you can’t go wrong with the pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers at Buon Cibo - and, you’re supporting local!

 We give Buon Cibo 5 out of 5 POWs.

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