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2 Crazy Fellas

6518 Goodman Road, Set. 108

Olive Branch


3 1/2 POWs


A reader sent in a request for the Dining Duo to review 2 Crazy Fellas, a New Orleans inspired eatery in Olive Branch, and we were happy to oblige.

I like New Orleans cuisine in general. Nothing beats a good Po Boy sandwich or a tasty cup of gumbo. And I sure do like andouille sausage! The great thing about that style of cooking is that it’s different almost every place you eat. I’ve had good gumbo and bad gumbo. Well, maybe I should say instead, that I’ve eaten gumbo that I like more than others.

Aquaman pointed out that 2 Crazy Fellas actually started out as a food trailer called Bon Wraps that served chargrilled oysters. The owners had been laid off from their jobs due to COVID-19 and decided to get into the food truck business. The other half of the 2 Crazy Fellas owners decided to shanghai the food trailer and added shrimp to the menu. They started talking about opening a brick and mortar restaurant in October and now here they are, on Goodman Road in Olive Branch.

Looking over the menu for 2 Crazy Fellas there was plenty to choose from that looked appealing. Normally we try and dine-in, but this time we did a to-go order. Otherwise, I guar-un-tee (A little Justin Wilson for you!) you that we would have ordered some starters. The Voodoo nachos, swamp wings, and Boudin balls sound very tempting.

I was joined by my Justice League colleague Aquaman for this outing. My underwater crime fighting cohort decided to give the Bayou Sausage Dog ($13) a try. The eight inch andouille sausage is served on a French roll topped with carmelized onions and gator mustard. 

He was pleased with the overall taste of the dog. “I liked the sausage a lot” Aquaman said. “It had a good taste and a spice to it. The mustard had a sweetness to it and was enjoyable together.”

As a side, Aquaman chose the potato salad, which he thought had a little toomuch egg in it. “The potato salad has a good taste,” he said. “I just didn’t care for the eggs.”

I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I went with “The Halfer” ($14) which is half a Po Boy and a choice of soup or salad. This way, I was able to satisfy my craving for a Po Boy, while also sampling one of their soups. In this instance, I went with the New Orleans style roast beef Po Boy and a cup of the shrimp etouffe. 

The New Orleans style roast beef was only okay. The meat is slow roasted in gravy and I have no complaint about the taste, but it was a little too soggy. I should have ordered a fried shrimp or catfish Po Boy instead. But hey, it was still good. I do think they need a better Po Boy bread though. That’s really the secret to a great Po Boy, the bread.

I thought the etouffe was excellent. I’ve learned over the years from talking to cooking teams at gumbofests that the secret to a good gumbo or etouffe is the roux. 

Etouffe is a classic Louisiana stew made with shrimp and bits of crawfish served on a bed of rice and seasoned with the Holy Trinity of onion, celery, green peppers, and Cajun spices. I was expecting a very tomato-y tasting roux, but instead I was pleasantly surprised with this roux. Roux in general is made with flour and oil and tomatoes. Some even add Tobasco. This roux was thick and spicy and had a blond color to it, and was not heavy on the tomato, which I loved. I must also complement them on the generous amount of shrimp and crawfish that they threw in the mix.

I can’t say that 2 Crazy Fellas is my favorite for New Orleans food in this area. I still think King’s Palace on Beale Street has the best gumbo on the planet. And Bayou in Overton Square in Memphis to me has the best New Orleans style dishes, especially their shrimp and grits. But I will say that 2 Crazy Fellas is a solid choice if you are looking for a taste of New Orleans. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions won’t leave you hungry. 

Aquaman and I both agree that 2 Crazy Fellas deserves a return sit down visit where we have time to try some appetizers and maybe even their King Cake bread pudding and a Root Beer float!

We give 2 Crazy Fellas a solid 3 1/2 POWs bordering on 4 POWs.


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Kim Kee

I really enjoyed the char broiled oysters. The spice was perfect and the oysters were a decent size and plump. They tasted very fresh. I will visit the restaurant again.

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