2+2 Food Truck Day

Northwest DeSoto Center

5197 W.E. Ross Parkway



3 1/2 POWs


Food trucks are probably the best thing ever invented.

Not only is the food usually great, you have got to love all of the different choices available.

Arkham let Bane out for the day for good behavior - with a chaperone, yours truly, the Bat, of course. I must say I couldn’t say no when my hulky nemesis suggested we go eat lunch at the food trucks parked up at Northwest DeSoto Center.

I’ve been known to frequent the food trucks at Court Square in Memphis and have never been disappointed with the fare.

It was a perfect day to eat outside too. Temperatures were in the low 80s with a nice light breeze that makes these parts actually livable without melting for a few weeks out of the year.

There were already lines of people ordering when we pulled up. The good thing about food trucks is that the food is made to order. The bad part is that because the food is made to order, be prepared to wait.

There were five food trucks at the campus offering everything from shaved ice (Kona Ice), funnel cakes and corn dogs (StaMar’s), salads (Eat Green), BBQ (Smoking Hot BBQ), and burgers and southern fried rice (KC’s 2-Go).

After checking out the menus, Bane and I decided to give KC’s 2-Go a try. KC’s offers fish platters, burgers, and chicken tenders, but its speciality is southern fried rice.

Bane had a hankering for some fish and ordered a two piece fish platter with crinkle fries and slaw ($12). The super villain was well pleased with the fillets, which were battered and fried in a corn meal mix that had a light seasoning. “They’re nice, long filets of white meat,” Bane said. “And it’s good and hot. I like the taste.”

The crinkle fries were nothing special. The slaw was mustard based with horseradish and a bit too much sugar for his liking.

He washed it down with a VIP to drink, which is a combination of half lemonade and half sweet tea. Bane liked the drink, but wished he had had a cup of unsweet tea to make it less sweet.

As for myself, I debated whether to try a KC Monster burger with fries, or their famous southern fried rice. In the end I settled on the fried rice ($11).

I love fried rice, but normally I get it with an order of hibachi chicken and some yum yum sauce. I was intrigued though by the idea of combining fried rice with your choice of beef, bologna, chicken, ham, shrimp, or hamburger. That is apparently what makes it “southern style fried rice.” I opted to order mine with fried bologna.

The portions were extremely generous. They filled a styrofoam container full of fried rice. It had the usual fried eggs and onions, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had small broccoli spears. There was plenty of fried bologna in the mix as well.

Overall, I though the bologna was good, but the rice had a definite smoky taste to it. It’s an odd combination for sure, but I thought it worked. They included packets of soy sauce and duck sauce for added flavor, but I would have preferred yum yum sauce instead as an option for the the rice.

Afterward, Bane decided he wanted some funnel cake ($7) from StaMar’s. It was a classic funnel cake - crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside - with just the right amount of powdered sugar. “It was just enough to make you sticky and satisfied,” Bane said.

I’ve been a sucker for shaved ice my whole life, so this crimefighter headed for Kona Ice ($4) and my own concoction to help cool down. The great thing about Kona ice is that they hand you the cup size of your choice and you get to fill it yourself with any flavor you want. Like a 13 year-old, I mixed a little BlueRaspberry with Ninja Cherry and Watermelon Wave to create…well, I don’t know what you would call it, but it was tasty.

I’m glad Northwest DeSoto Center had a food truck day, but Bane and I both agreed that it would have been evern better if there had been ten food trucks there. 

“It’s a nice lunch experience,” Bane said. ‘It gets you out of your normal lunch routine of waiting in line for fast food.”

If this is any indication of what Southaven can expect when their Food Truck Fridays start in two weeks, then I’d say food trucks are going to be a resounding hit with the public. The lines weren’t bad depending on which trucks you ordered from, and the wait times were about ten minutes for made to order food, which isn’t bad when you only have an hour for lunch.

The college also had tables set up in the shade, waste baskets to deposit trash in, and even some corn hole games set up and music blaring to give it a festival-like feel.

Overall, we give KC’s 2-Go an enthusiastic 3 1/2 POWs.

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