Initiative 65

Initiative 65 - Medical Marijuana

Mississippians who support medical marijuana will have to decide between two proposals in November. Groups used the state’s ballot initiative process to put the question of medical marijuana legalization to voters. Getting it on a statewide ballot required about 100,000 petition signatures from Mississippians across the state. If the citizen-sponsored Initiative 65 passes, it would approve the creation of a medical marijuana program outside the reach of the Legislature.  Lawmakers approved an alternative proposal in March. Much more restrictive and subject to regulation by the Legislature, “65A” would see medical marijuana legalized for people with “debilitating illnesses.” Supporters of the citizen-sponsored initiative say the legislative alternative is designed to confuse the voters and result in the defeat of both. One of the proposals has to receive votes equivalent to 40% of the total votes cast in the election for it to pass. 


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