Allen, Terry Joel, contempt x4, domestic assault, $15,500

Alsobrook, Eric, paraphernalia, improper equipment, $500

Anderson, Brandi Mae, contempt, $1,000

Anderson, Sandra Lashun, contempt, $1,266.25

Archuletta, Laquisha D., contempt, $2,500

Barlow, Rodnesha S., shoplifting, conspiracy to commit crime, $1,000

Bing, Ricky Wayne, assault by physical fear, exhibit weapon in threatening manner, $5,000

Blakely, Marion Grace, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $1,500

Bouey, Derrious Antez, DUI, careless driving, $750

Bowen, Kendrick Cortez, manufacture/sale of controlled sub., $0

Boyce, Jerry Dell, improper equipment, no license, $250

Boyd, Chase Allen, contempt x2, $3,250

Boyd, Jacques Derran, contempt/VOP-felony, $0

Bridgewater, Steven Craig, felony domestic assault x2, $20,000

Brocato, Christina Joyce, violation of probation, $0

Brock, Michael Kenneth, contempt x2, $5,000

Buggs, Joshua Shantrel, DUI, $1,000

Butler, Marqueica Lewisha, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, speeding, $3,000

Calvin, Justin Ahmad, failure to comply w/terms of drug court, $0

Cantrell, Michelle Denise, DUI 2nd, $750

Carlisle, Kristen N., contempt, poss. of methamphetamine, probation violation, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $0

Carter Jr., Henry L., contempt x2, $1,2500

Cascio, Ryan Anthony, DUI, no insurance, $1,500

Childress, Shonda, DUI, $0

Cho, Laura Jean, DUI, child endangerment, careless driving, failure to yield to blue lights/siren, leaving scene of accident, child restraint law, $3,600

Cole, Corneilus Ladell, domestic assault, $2,00

Conrad II, James Larry, contempt x2, no license, $5,250

Cooper, Kelsey Jena, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $10,000

Costello, Bridget Riley, DUI, careless driving, $1,000

Cothern, Brenda Latisha, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, auto burglary, burglary, $7,500

Coulston, Holly Lynne, contempt x2, $6,000

Cox, Jeffery Wayne, trespassing, $250

Cummings, Timothy Ketjuan, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $0

Daniel, Larry, contempt of court /fines, DUI, careless driving, $1,000

Davis Sr., Antonio Marquette, contempt, $0

Davis, Revis Bernard, contempt, $5,000

Debenport, Jerome Wade, domestic violence, domestic disturbance, $1,500

Demoney, Matthew Paul, contempt, $5,000

Depriest, Devin Lee, contempt, $1,000

Dibelius, Matthew Wade, domestic assault, $500

Douglas, Jonathan Aricceo, child abuse, $500,000

Dowell, Andrea Lynn, DUI, careless driving, $2,000

Dupree, Michael C., contempt x2, $8,000

Dyer, Brittany Nicole, shoplifting, $500

Eldred, John Tanner, contempt-felony, contempt-misd., unlawful motor vehicle theft-felony, $15,000

Eppinger, Matina Antana, contempt, paraphernalia, no license, improper equip., $2,000

Faulkner, Anthony Ray, contempt-felony, possession of methamphetamine-felony, $2,000

Faulkner, Charlene Denise, DUI, careless driving, $750

Finley-Moore, Willie B., DUI, no insurance, $1,000

Fisackerly, Roy Lee, expired tag, fugitive, $0

Furnish, Justin Wade, contempt-felony, contempt-misd., parole violation, receiving stolen property-felony-habitual offender, $250

Gaines, Renecia Renee, contempt, expired tag, no license, $26,500

Garcia, Joaquin, no license, DUI, careless driving, failure to stop for blue lights/siren, obstructing traffic, $1,750

Gathings, Brandon Cortez, contempt, no license, careless driving, failure to yield to emergency lights, fleeing law, $3,250

Gatlin, Steven Austin, exploitation of a child, $0

Gibson, Courtney Toran, contempt, $500

Gray, Veronica Lynn, DUI, child endangerment, improper equipment, $3,000

Green, Pamela Marie, contempt x2-misd., $5,000

Griffin, Ayesia Shamon, contempt, credit card fraud, $6,000

Guerrero, Jose Manuel, DUI, careless driving, driving on wrong side of road, under 21 poss. of alcoholic beverage, $750

Hamel, Alexander, contempt, $1,000

Hammond, Vernon Allen, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, no insurance, careless driving, no tail light, $1,000

Hampton, Stephanie Patrice, contempt, $5,000

Harvey, Melvin, no license, DUI, $750

Hayden, Savannah Kate, contempt-misd., $2,000

Herman, Aqua Sherie, domestic assault, $0

Hodges, George Hunter, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $0

Holloway, Charles Thomas, contempt, $0

Holmes III, Edward Eugene, conspiracy to commit a crime-felony, grand larceny, $45,000

Holmes, Mikeisha Lashay, conspiracy to commit crime-felony x2, shoplifting-felony, false identifying info, $7,500

Holmes, Misty Michelle, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, grand larceny, $45,000

Honey Jr., Lee Russell, DUI, running red light, $2,500

Hopkins, Mallory Paige, false sales slip or product code label, fraud use of, $5,000

Howard, Chaka Anette, conspiracy to commit crime, shoplifting, $1,000

Hudson, Belinda Lee, shoplifting-felony, $10,000

Hymon, Kendrick Lashun, contempt, $2,500

Isaacs, Jason Dale, possession or sale of paraphernalia, $500

Jackson, Kalyn, paraphernalia, DUI, improper equipment, $1,000

Johnson, Sedrick Lagerald, contempt, no license, DUI 2nd, failure to yield, $6,750

Johnson, Tyler Iris, assault on police officer-felony, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $15,000

Jones Sr., Jermaine, DUI 3rd offense-felony, careless driving, $1,500

Jones, Cierra Lashay, contempt, $1,000

Jordan, Marquita Vonquerel, disorderly conduct, $0

Keel, Jennifer Lyn, child neglect-educational, $0

Keeler, Tiffany Patrice, manufacture/and or sale of cont. sub., $0

Kelley, Billy Ray, contempt-felony, poss. of methamphetamine, $12,000

King, Kaye Cee, contempt, $1,000

Knighten, James David, contempt, $5,000

Lenard, Jimmie Devon, no license, careless driving, child restraint law/2 counts, speeding, $250

Lester, Stacey Cordell, contempt, poss., receive or obtain stolen firearm, $0

Lewis Jr., Roosevelt, shoplifting, $0

Lillo, Michael Jacob, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, fleeing law enforcement in vehicle-felony, $0

Little, Michael Abraham, contempt, $486.50

Loden, Rhonda Bulimore, aggravated domestic violence, $0

Lomax, Mario, contempt, $0

Love, Chrishun Taviun, domestic assault, $2,500

Lovett, Crystal Nicole, shoplifting, $500

Maiwald, Rachael Rhiannon, malicious mischief, false report of a crime, $2,000

Malone, Robert Earl, contempt, $5,000

Marsh, Quinterrious, failure to comply w/terms of pretrial intervention-felony, $0

Matthews, Jermaine Irvin, contempt x3, violation of parole-felony, careless driving, trespass (joy riding), shoplifting, false identifying info, $12,000

Mayes, Kyara Dominique, contempt, violation of probation, $7,000

Maynor, Kelli Brooke, contempt, $500

McKinney, Derone, DUI, child endangerment, $0

Merritt, Marcello Dewayne, no license, following too closely, $1,500

Miles, Basil Benna, no tag, DUI, driving w/o headlights, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, no license, $2,250

Mims, Jeremy, no insurance, leaving scene of accident, public drunk, $500

Morgan, Nicole Denise, manufacture and/or sale of cont. sub., $0

Morris, Darrius Leandre, parole violation-felony, $0

Motton, Cordalero Raphael, contempt, poss. w/intent marijuana, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $19,500

Murray, Lashonda, paraphernalia, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, seatbelt violation, $5,500

Nelson, Aaron Lee, switched tag, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, false identifying info., $1,500

Nicholas, Anita Gail, paraphernalia, counterfeit bank note or instruments-misd., $750

Nickles, Jartavis D., paraphernalia, $500

Nostrud, Faith Nycole, contempt x2, $5,000

Parsons, Timothy Leo, contempt, $150

Payne, Dameion Trinell, contempt x2, violation of probation, $5,200

Peacock, Dana Marie, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Pemberton, Seth Ryan, contempt, $1,000

Perry, Rodney Marino, DUI, careless driving, $500

Phifer, Justin Michael, switched tag, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, paraphernalia, DUI, careless driving, $3,000

Pierce, Jerry Lee, contempt x2, grand larceny, $15,100

Poirier, Milton Trey, open container, public drunk, $250

Presley, Dynyale Latresha, poss. of marijuana, domestic assault, $1,500

Price, Venson Cardell, contempt, $200

Purdom, James Matthew, open container, city ordinance/parking, public drunk, $250

Ramsey, Laverick, failure to maintain control of vehicle, paraphernalia, DUI, no insurance, $1,000

Ransom, Faith Maxine, shoplifting, $500

Ray, Truman Douglas, contempt, $5,000

Reed, Ashley Elizabeth, contempt-felony, $0

Reed, Brittany Cunningham, shoplifting, false information to officer, $750

Reynolds, Joey Don, contempt, $2,500

Rice, Daniel Robert, public drunk, $250

Rimmer Jr., Richard Wayne, DUI, $50,000

Roach, Jessica D., contempt, $500

Robinson, Arthur, no license, DUI, failure to yield right of way, no insurance, $750

Rogers, Grenisha Dante, contempt, shoplifting, $1,500

Roper, Paul Eric, contempt, $3,000

Ruben, Omari Leontaye, contempt, $5,000

Rushing, Andrew Hampton, DUI, $500

Savadphayphane, Ashley Katara, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $100,000

Seaton, Shelton Trent, contempt, $2,500

Sellers, Billy Gene, domestic violence w/warrant, $500

Sharks, Jasmine Reniece, no tag, no license, improper equip., $750

Sheegog, Alisha Roshell, contempt, $0

Sherrod II, Vincent Edward, no tag, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Simmons, Brian James, contempt, $5,000

Smathers, Dustin Wayne, contempt, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, $850

Smith, Calisha Marsha, paraphernalia, failure to move over, $500

Smith, Carnilus, domestic assault, $0

Smith, Carolyn Denise, contempt, shoplifting, $3,500

Spencer, Anfernee Purnell, open container, switched tag, no license, DUI, $1,750

Starks, Darryal Lazell, paraphernalia, $0

Sterrett, Stormee Dawn, shoplifting, $500

Stewart, Lakeia Iesha, shoplifting, $500

Stokes, Charisma Raneka, no license, disorderly conduct, false ID information, speeding, $1,000

Stone, Matthew Thomas, contempt, $1,000

Street Jr., Bobby, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $0

Stuart, Jeffery Michael, public drunk, $250

Summers, Adrian Juashun, direct contempt, $0

Swan, Arnieka Ramelle, paraphernalia, $500

Taylor, Stephen Derek, contempt, shoplifting, $10,000

Teamer, Joseph Tyler, poss. of counterfeit bank notes-instruments, $500

Thomas, Austin Terrell, contempt, attempt to commit an offense, $20,000

Townsend, Mia, conspiracy to commit crime, fugitive, $500

Turner Sr., Korey Pshone, probation violation, $0

Turner, Trenton Blane, shoplifting, $500

Tyer, Johnny Lynn, domestic assault, $1,500

Velazquez, Julio Cesar, domestic assault, $5,000

Walker, Tykiere Exzavion, contempt, poss. of tetrahydrocannabinol, $10,000

Ward, Timothy Maurice, contempt x2, no license, malicious mischief, domestic assault, $8,500

Watkins III, Robert B., contempt, no tag, improper passing, no insurance, no license, $8,000

Weston, Stephen Loring, contempt, poss. of methamphetamine, $7,500

Wilder, Timothy Brandon, contempt x2, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, DUI, $4,000

Wilson, Amy Jenkins, poss. of cont. sub., $500

Wilson, Clard Montrelle, paraphernalia, no insurance, driving in center of three lanes, $500

Wimberly, Cody Glen, DUI, $1,000

Wright, Nekko Letrese, no license, no insurance, $500

Young, Walter Emmanuel, contempt, $0

Youngblood, Joshua Cain, poss. of cont. sub., contempt, $10,000

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