Allison, Abbigail, contempt x3, $2,000

Anderson, George Brandon, contempt, $5,000

Armstead, Marvius, contempt, $3,000

Avazi, Joshua Guy, paraphernalia, public drunk, resisting arrest, $1,000

Belgon, Kory Ronnell, contempt, $0

Bell, Angela Carol, contempt, probation violation, $0

Bentley, Dameon James, domestic disturbing peace, $500

Bonds, Deresha Quinia, contempt, $5,000

Bowens, Tretrius Andre, fugitive, $0

Boyd, Bruce Andre, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, no insurance, improper equip., $4,500

Boyer, Candias Joyce, shoplifting, $500

Boyer, Terry Dewayne, shoplifting, $500

Brady, Brandon Keith, expired tag, no license, no insurance, false identifying info, $500

Brocato, Blake Anthony, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $5,000

Brown Jr., Malcolm Earl, contempt x2, $2,000

Brown, Alaina, contempt, $0

Brown, Venquavius, paraphernalia, $0

Caldwell, Tommy Lee, disturbing peace, $250

Calhoun, Danny Javonhae, shoplifting, $0

Carter, Jerrie Eugene, contempt-felony, $0

Chawich, Khaldoun, no license, no insurance, $250

Childs, Crystal Lynn, contempt, $287.75

Chrzanowski, Mark Evans, public drunk, $250

Clark, Brittany Chantail, contempt, $294.50

Clark, Deondre Antwon, expired tag, paraphernalia, no license, child endangerment, child restraint law x2, $2,000

Cole, Seth Patrick, DUI, $750

Coleman, Kelly Latreece, shoplifting, false identifying info, $3,500

Cowan, Isha, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $750

Cox, Marvin, DUI, $0

Curry, Seddrick D., paraphernalia, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, robbery, $25,000

Daniel Sr., Brandon, child pornography, possession, distribution, receiving, $300,000

Daniel, Matthew, DUI, $500

Davis, Kathy, no license, $0

Davis, Mark Kent, no license, DUI-2nd, no tail light, no insurance, $1,000

Dennis, Tracy Lane, contempt, no license, $5,500

Dimming, Demetra Pacino, paraphernalia, no license, DUI-2nd, failed to obey officer, failure to yield to emergency lights, $1,750

Dingus, Alexandria Marrie, order to revoke post release supervision/suspended sentence, $0

Divine, Robin Renee, domestic assault, $250

Draper, Dfonso Tramell, contempt, $1,500

Duff, David Paul, domestic assault, $2,500

Eddings, William Jacob, armed robbery, $0

Ellis, Demetrius Marquez, contempt x2, malicious mischief, assault, $6,000

Faherty, Edward William, contempt, $0

Forrest, Ashley Daniele, contempt, false identifying info, $0

Franklin, Aaron Kadesh, contempt, $0

Freeman, Michael Edward, DUI, no license, careless driving, $1,500

Gates, Donnie Kortez, no license, DUI, careless driving, no insurance, $1,250

Gayden, James Richard, contempt x2, $250

Glover II, Charles Anthony, paraphernalia, careless driving, $500

Gobah, Shafig Ahmed, probation violation, $0

Gray, Thomas Ray, burglary tools, possession, $5,000

Gregory, Michael Anthony, domestic assault-felony, $10,000

Guy, Ashley Dominique, simple assault, $1,200

Hamel, Alexander Manuel, contempt x2, receiving stolen property-felony (more than $500), $5,000

Harden, Seth Wesley, contempt, $5,000

Harris, Desmond, fugitive, $0

Hayes, Zachary, larceny, $0

Haynes, Ladarious K., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, robbery, $25,000

Haynie, Lacy Michelle, DUI, failure to dim headlights, $2,000

Hemingway, Kristan L., contempt, $10,000

Hill Jr., Roosevelt, contempt x3, $5,250

Hill, Ebony Shemika, contempt x2, $5,500

Hill, Helen Amelia, shoplifting, $500

Hill, Lamarion Emere, fugitive, $0

Hodges, George Hunter, contempt, $0

Honeycutt, Timothy Frank, contempt x2, $0

Hoselton, Joseph Robert, aggravated domestic violence, $0

Houston, Gregory Deandre, contempt, $250

Hutches, Autumn Louise, failure to comply w/terms of drug court-felony, $0

Hutt, John Cravey, public drunk, $250

Ivy, Stephanie Leann, contempt x2, $1,000

Jackson, Michael Jermaine, contempt, violation of supervised probation-felony, $0

Johnson, Dana Renee, domestic assault, $500

Joiner, Cordarrius Trenell, probation violation, $0

Jones Jr., Charles, DUI, $0

Jones, Montrell Deandera, no tag, no license, no insurance, $2,000

Jones, Octobrea Kaashe, contempt x2, $2,000

Jones, Robert, violation of post release supervision, $0

Keel, Jennifer, child educational neglect, $0

Kennedy, Marketia Anquette, contempt x2, DUI, $1,000

King, Lorenzo Lashun, contempt x2, fugitive, $0

Knox, Porcha Latoyta, no license, DUI, $1,250

Lamar, Tevin Marques, no tag, DUI, $2,000

Langston, James Patrick, no tag, no license, DUI, no insurance,  driving w/one headlight, $1,000

Lantrip, Kelly Ann, felony poss. of cont. sub. x2 (Heroin and Meth), $10,000

Lee Sr., Aubrey, public drunk, $0

Lee, Nicholus Terel, DUI-2nd, no insurance, $0

Lomas, David Wayne, sexual battery, fondling, $0

Looney, Joseph Wayne, contempt x2, poss. of cont. sub., running stop sign, no license, $6,500

Love, Mario Cordell, poss. of cont. sub., marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids, $5,000

Lowe, Kristine M., switched tag, felony poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, $5,500

Lytton, Jonathan Paul, contempt, $5,000

Madison, David Wayne, contempt, $5,000

Malcom, Kyra Nicole, conspiracy to commit burglary of non-dwelling storage units, burglary, not dwelling, malicious mischief, grand larceny, $0

Manuel, Hayley Danyelle, paraphernalia, poss. of schedule III, IV, V drugs, $1,000

Marong, Ismaila, contempt, no license, seatbelt violation, no insurance, $1,355

Martin, Austin Napoleon, contempt, $1,500

Massie, Franchesta Sherice, paraphernalia, no license, improper equipment, $1,500

Maxwell, Belinda King, aggravated assault w/intent to injure, child abuse, $200,000

McBride II, Robert, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., $5,500

McCollum, Alyssa Anne, paraphernalia, DUI, failure to dim headlights, $2,000

McKinney, Daiquan Martez, contempt, $5,000

McKinney, Tamika Lafaye, receiving stolen property x2, $15,000

McLemore, Taisha Lashea, shoplifting, $500

Merriman, William, contempt, $5,000

Millington, Colton Frank, burglary-dwelling-felony, grand larceny from building-felony, $0

Mondragon, Edgar, public drunk, $0

Montgomery Sr., Xxavier Duran, probation violation, $0

Moore, Sherika Chevonya, contempt, $5,000

Moorlet Jr., Darnell Renard, resisting arrest, domestic violence, dist. peace-family, $0

Mosley, Keshaun Demon, stalking, simple assault, $1,000

Moyer, Tristen David, simple assault, $500

Nabors, Tonya Marie, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $0

Pattillo, Justin Tyler, poss. of cont. sub., poss. of  firearm by felon, $10,000

Payne, Chad Andrew, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, parole violation, shoplifting x2, $0

Peggs, Brian Lametrius, DUI, careless driving, $0

Pettis, Felisha Renae, domestic assault, $500

Phillips, Nikki Nicole, contempt x2, trespass, shoplifting, $6,000

Pilgram, Heather Renee, contempt, $0

Pipkin, Jimmi Lynn, poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, $1,000

Powell, Dalonqueze, fugitive, $0

Ramsey, Airanesha Munyae, contempt, $1,500

Ramsey, Vincent Rico, contempt, $0

Redwine, James Shannon, felony poss. of cont. sub., $20,000

Rugsby, Lisa Lynn, contempt, $5,000

Rodgers, Andre Terrell, DUI, speeding, $500

Rowe, Quatez Damon, disobey traffic control device, domestic assault, contempt-protection order, $4,000

Sanders, Dorian Dominick, contempt, no license, DUI, no insurance, speeding, disorderly conduct, $8,750

Schell, Ronald William, no license, seatbelt violation, fugitive, $250

Scruggs, Melissa Ann, paraphernalia, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, running stop sign, improper equip., $5,500

Shelly, Stephen Rivers, DUI, careless driving, no insurance, $750

Sherard, Benjamin Leon, careless driving, DUI, $1,500

Shipp, Cequia Zhane, no license, speeding, no insurance, contempt, $5,000

Silvino, Miguel Sandoval, DUI, $500

Sims, Carlton Eric, no license, $0

Smith, Donald D., contempt, $2,240

Smith, Kenneth, no license, DUI, disobey traffic control device, $2,500

Somath, Pon, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $500

Stewart, Decarlious Jebrell, contempt, $0

Stewart, Jennifer Lauren, contempt, $287.75

Stewart, Marrill Elizabeth, DUI, $750

Swearengen, Jalen Jawaun, contempt, $2,500

Tate, Samuel Dejon, contempt x3, $4,246.75

Taylor, Daniel Maurice, contempt, $0

Thompson, David Adam, DUI, $1,500

Thweatt, Jonathan Matthew, DUI, $750

Todd, Emanuel K., conspiracy to commit crime, robbery, $25,000

Towns, Demarcus Terell, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Turner, Travis Reginald, contempt-felony, felon in possession of firearm-felony, $0

Waldrop, Larry Shane, paraphernalia, no license, $1,000

Walthall, Lori Lynn, poss. of cont. sub x2-felony and misdemeanor, $5,000

Ward, Jason Ray, contempt, probation violation, $2,000

Watson, Cory Lynn, contempt, paraphernalia, $5,500

Weems, Heather Louise, contempt, $0

West, Lana Maxine, no license, DUI, $1,500

Wiggins, Shane Perry, contempt, $5,000

Wiley III, Tommy Lee, contempt, $0

Williams, Anjuan Lamarr, no tag, no license, no insurance, running red light, $250

William, Cody Reid, probation violation, $0

Williams, Jarnevius Devonte, paraphernalia, seatbelt violation, disobey traffic control device, child restraint law, no insurance, $3,000

Williams, Kirkland L., contempt x2, no license, careless driving, no insurance, $4,500

Williams, Linda Michele, shoplifting-3rd-felony, $5,000

Williams, Martin Sean, violation of terms of intensive supervision program, $0

Willis Sr., Darrin, DUI-2nd, careless driving, $0

Wilson Sr., Willie Edward, contempt, $4,000

Wilson, Kaleb Hunter, tampering w/physical evidence-felony, $555.55

Woodruff, James Caleb, poss. of cont. sub., $0

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