Abram, Ronell, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent x2, $0

Abram-White, Desiree Cherie, no insurance, careless driving, conspiracy to commit a crime-felony, false information to officer, $250

Amagliani, Kelsie Paige, contempt, paraphernalia, $5,500

Anderson, Diaryetta Ryvonne, contempt, $5,000

Austin Jr., Richard Jefferson, shoplifting, $500

Bell, Carver Lamar, false identifying information, $500

Bills Jr., Samson Dewayne, no license, $0

Bland, Vernita Ann, contempt x2, $5,317.75

Blaylock, Cynthia Lucille, hindering prosecution in the first degree-felony, $6,000

Blaylock, Michael Thomas, poss. of cont. sub.-felony x2, parole violation, possession of weapon by felon, $100,000

Bobo, Crystal, endangering a child by DUI, DUI, no insurance, child restraint law, $2,750

Borja, Matilde Alonzo, open container, DUI, no insurance, leaving scene of accident, following too closely, $750

Boyd, Accacia Maria, open container, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, disobedience of traffic control devices, $1,250

Boyd, Aimee Nicole, public drunk, $250

Brady, Abigail Olivia, DUI, no insurance, $500

Brimley, Brittany Simone, assault on police officer-felony, disorderly conduct, $15,000

Broadnax, Jeremy Quartnell, violation of probation-felony, $0

Brooks, Ashley Nicole, contempt, $631.50

Brooks, Joshua Javon, domestic assault, $1,500

Brown, Benjamin Allan, violation of probation, $0

Brown, Lamarcus Romell, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,500

Brown, Robert, contempt, $5,000

Campbell, Andre, no license, $0

Campbell, Zachary Thomas, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, following too closely, $1,000

Carter, Tyeisha Jaciel, embezzlement, $1,000

Chambers-Dumnlap, Carly Rose, contempt, trespassing, $1,250

Cobb, Ulysses Darnell, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,750

Cochran Jr., Keiron Cavell, domestic assault, $0

Collins, Cedrick Cordell, contempt, $1,000

Conley, Samyia, shoplifting, $500

Cooper, Ras Lucish, DUI, no insurance, $2,000

Cooperwood, Keonne Lorenzo, contempt, $4,000

Coughlin, Michael Roland, larceny, $1,000

Crooms, Elbert Wesley, improper tag, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,750

Dailey, Lashanda Lynette, failure to maintain control, DUI, no insurance, leaving accident scent, $750

Davis, Dawn Denise, shoplifting, $500

Davis, Jason Keith, contempt x2, poss.  cont. sub./poss. firearm, $0

Dawson, Sarah L., failure to comply w/provisions of non-adjudication order, $0

Deal, Demetrius Armand, contempt, $500

Degraw, Steven Ray, open container, public drunk, $250

Downs, Timmy Lane, DUI, $1,000

Dunlap, Ashley Renee, contempt, $342.75

Eddings, Chasity S., aggravating stalking-felony, $50,000

Etlicher, Adam Daniel, probation violation, $0

Eubanks, Jimmy Charles, violation of post release supervision, $0

Farmer, Anjayvious Jerell, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, improper equip., $2,250

Farris, Robert Eugene, domestic assault, $1,000

Fernandez Centeno, Nelson Enmanuel, burglary of inhabited home, assault-attempt to cause injury, $25,000

Fowler, Allihah Augustus, contempt-felony, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, shoplifting, $0

Gamble, Geoffrey Barrett, public drunk, $250

Gauthier, Anthony James, walking along roadways, public drunk, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $750

Garwarecki, Thomas E., DUI 2nd, obstructing public street, $1,750

Gilliam, Javinte Maurice, contempt, paraphernalia, DUI, improper equip., $2,000

Gilmer, Luke Timothy, embezzlement, $2,500

Gogins, Royelle Alycia, no license, DUI, improper equip., $1,750

Green Jr., Anthony Dewayne, contempt, $312.75

Hall, Wesley E., contempt, $396.50

Harkness, Billy Gene, aggravated assault,. $10,000

Harper, Susan Lynette, shoplifting, $500

Harris, Christopher James, DUI, no insurance, driving in center lane, $2,250

Hawkins, Renitta Shavon, fugitive, $0

Hayes, Tia Devora, contempt, $0

Hendrix, Nakecia Latonya, contempt, $1,000

Henry, Terrell Tyeshawn, walking along roadways-city ord., trespassing, disturbing peace, disorderly conduct, $3,250

Hilliard, Karen Tenile, no license, $250

Hodges, George, contempt, $0

Holden, Karmann Veronica, DUI, careless driving, $1,250

Holland, Martha Marie, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $500

Holmes Sr., Lawrence Scott, public drunk, disorderly conduct, $500

Hope, Jimmy Lee, no license, no insurance, false identifying info, $1,500

Horton, Marquita Shanell, improper tag, no license, DUI, failure to yield right of way, $750

Hughes, Katie Marie, shoplifting, $500

Inge, Laterrius Terrell, contempt, $5,000

Jackson, Antwain Rashoun, contempt, $287.75

Jackson, Jadian Rashad, contempt, paraphernalia, retaliation against public servant, $12,250

Jaco, Donny Lynn, no license, DUI, no insurance, traffic ordinance, $20,250

Jefferson, Breunna Shaletha, contempt, no tag, no license, no insurance, careless driving, running red light x2, false identifying info., $5,500

Johnson, Dennis Sherard, DUI, $1,500

Johnson, Jazzmonica Deanne, receiving stolen property-felony, $7,500

Johnson, William Blake, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, careless driving, disobedience of traffic control devices, $1,500

Jones, Brian Keith, fugitive from justice, $0

Jones, Joseph Andrew, contempt, $1,000

Jones, Natalie D., contempt, $500

Jones, Tamaya Itansha, no tag, no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, speeding, $2,575

Keiran Jr., Patrick Michael, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $15,555

Kelly, Patrick, contempt x2, $3,500

Lampkin, Timothy O’Neal, no license, DUI, no insurance, $0

Lanier III, David, contempt, violation of probation, $0

Laplant, Samuel Trenton, DUI, following too closely, $750

Lentz, Meredith Dell-Busby, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $50,000

Liggins Sr., Robert Gene, contempt, $2,000

Lindsey, Verna L., no license, no insurance, failure to yield emergency vehicle, $250

Lloyd Jr., Clarence, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,000

Loden, Rhonda, domestic violence, $0

Lovett, Crystal Nicole, embezzlement, $2,500

Lyons Jr., Ronald Gene, contempt, violation of probation, $7,000

Malcom, Kyra Nicole, possession, receipt, acquisition or disposal of stolen firearm, $2,500

Manuel, Zachary, violation of probation, $0

Martin, Jonathan, violation of post release supervision-felony, fugitive, $0

Martin, Kyra Marie, contempt, shoplifting, $0

Mason, Jacob Alan, failure to appear, $3,000

Mays, Joseph Earl, DUI, expired tag, $500

McArthur, Lyndsey Marie, no license, DUI 3rd-felony, $6,000

McCoy, Tatyana Diamonique, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, no tail light, petit larceny x2, $2,750

McCray, Tylan Lebralin, contempt, $0

McCullar, Parker Wayne, disturbing peace-domestic violence, $500

McIntosh, Erika Rochelle, contempt, $5,000

Miller, Robyn Gail, contempt x2, $2,277.75

Mills, Amanda Fleur, contempt, $1,500

Moore, Ladric Cortez, failure to comply w/terms of pretrial intervention agreement, $0

Morales Torres, Juan Jose, disobey traffic control device, $0

Morales-Ojeda, German, no license, $250

Morris, Joseph Saverio, public drunk, $09

Muse, Nancy Savannah, paraphernalia, $0

Newsom Sr., Karlon Andre, no license,, no insurance, obstructing public street, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,750

Norman III, Ivory, no license, no insurance, speeding, $2,500

Norris, Nicholas Brandon, contempt x2, false identifying info, $7,000

Odom, Chancelor Tyrell, violation of probation, $0

Odom, Cody Shendell, contempt, $5,000

Ostheimer, Richard Chase, contempt, $300

Owens, Ashley Nicole, contempt, shoplifting, $750

Partridge, Larry Rolland, contempt x4, $11,500

Patino, Sergio, DUI, fugitive, $0

Patton, Sharon Tyresa, contempt, $2,500

Peavy, Ricardo Lavelle, contempt, auto burglary, $4,000

Pinion, 0Rodney Gale, contempt, no license, DUI, careless driving, improper equip., no insurance, fleeing law, $5,000

Plastger, Monica Marie, domestic assault, $1,000

Plaster, Thomas Kona, domestic violence, $10,000

Powers, Jennifer Dyann, contempt, $5,000

Presley, Nicholas Cory, contempt, no tag, violation of probation, no license, careless driving, resisting arrest, $9,500

Reilly, Daniel Edward, violation of probation, $2,000

Robinson, Karlisha Kashun, paraphernalia, $500

Rushing, David Keith, child pornography, $60,000

Sabb, Tracy Van, no license, no insurance, $1,500

Salazar-Galvin, Fernando, DUI, operating an unsafe vehicle, $500

Sanders, Dorian Dominick, contempt, no license, DUI, endangering a child by DUI, child restraint law, $6,500

Scott, Alex Lavan, DUI, careless driving, $1,250

Scott, Duson Fitzgerald, contempt, $0

Shelly, Makenzie Leigh, DUI, paraphernalia, $1,000

Siebert, Ryan Mark, disorderly conduct, $250

Sims, Felicia Ann, contempt, $3,000

Snider, Travis Duane, contempt x2, false identifying information, $7,750

Sparks, Anjeanae Jacquel, contempt, $8,000

Spencer, Gregory Scott, possession of weapon by felon-felony x2, $75,000

Starkey, Billy James, receiving stolen property-felony, $5,000

Sullivan, Sabrina Rhea, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent-felony, $6,000

Tate, Marqualion Treshawn-Davonn, contempt-felony, $0

Taylor, David Wayne, shoplifting, $500

Thompson, Laroya Patrice, contempt, $5,000

Thornton, Ross Adam, no insurance, speeding, fugitive, $1,500

Towles, Shane Thomas, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,000

Turner, Ariel Kaylie, switched tag, marijuana in vehicle, no license, $2,500

Urrutia, Maximo Gregorio, defaced tag, DUI, careless driving, $500

Vinson, Ruby Jean, contempt, $486.50

Walker, Devante R., contempt, $5,000

Walls, Monique Antoinette, contempt, $5,000

Warren Sr., Douglas, public drunk, $250

Washington, Centarus C., no license, $500

Wester, Brittney Michelle, shoplifting, $500

Wilkinson Jr., Jon Jeffery, trespassing, $0

Williams, Brick Allen, burglary, petit larceny, $6,500

Williams, Travis Montral, public disturbance, disorderly conduct, $500

Wilson Sr., Roy Lee, public drunk, $250

Winters, Opal Ann, contempt x3, poss. of cont. sub. methamphetamine in jail, $5,000

Young, Zachery Cole, protective order, knowing violation of, $1,000

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