Barnes, Randy Tyre, contempt, $0

Bedoya, Jose Francisco, public drunk, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,000

Bell, Robert Lee, no license, DUI, careless driving, $1,000

Blackburn, Aaron, contempt x2, $10,000

Blanco, Jaret Shane, paraphernalia, DUI, careless driving, $1,500

Bockhold, Wayne, no tag, no license, no insurance, $250

Boswell, Preston, domestic assault, $0

Bowens, Calvin, contempt x2, $7,000

Bradley, Devonaire Deandrew, no license, $0

Brewer, Kendrick Lanier, domestic assault, $6,000

Brown, Donna Martina, contempt, $5,000

Brown, Frank Edward, DUI, $1,000

Brown, Reginald Steven, contempt, $1,000

Buford, Calvin Earl, contempt, poss. of cont. sub, $500

Busenitz, Jackson, domestic violence, family disturbance, $0

Byars Angel Dawn, no license, DUI,  improper equipment, $5,250

Cain, Stavario Barnerius, contempt, $0

Carmicle, Quentin Davell, public drunk, domestic disturbance, resisting arrest, $3,500

Carmona, Miguel Angel, no license, no tag, no insurance, $2,000

Carson, Joseph Allen, embezzlement-felony, $5,000

Castro, Ramon Czares, contempt, $0

Clemmer, Gary, fugitive, $0

Cole, Quadaris Jerome, contempt, $5,000

Coleman Sr., Willie Earl, contempt x3, $5,000

Collins, Georges, contempt, $0

Correa, Diego Villafan, domestic violence, fugitive, $0

Davis, Bobby Jay, assault on public servant or person over 65, $0

Davis, Carrushika Mikhail, contempt, $0

Deering, Orlando, DUI, no insurance, $750

Deloach, Christopher Shea, probation violation, $0

Dison, Emily Childs, marijuana in vehicle, $500

Dodson, Kenneth, failure to comply w/provisions of non-adjudication/possession of a controlled sub.-cocaine, $0

Donovan, Justin Wayne, DUI, speeding, $500

Dukes, Michelle Leann, paraphernalia, $500

Echols, Justin Bernard, contempt x2, $7,000

Estes, Jennifer Lynn, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, no tag light, $3,250

Faulkner, Jonathan Lee, contempt, $4,000

Flemming, Edward Daniel, contempt x2, $10,000

Fletcher, Shawntabis Sentell, probation violation, felony fleeing, $0

Fort, Gregory Donald, DUI, careless driving, $1,000

Gayden, Joshua Lowell, contempt x3, cyberstalking, $5,000

George, Hunter Wayne, no license, DUI, seatbelt violation, $1,750

Gerdes, Eric, DUI, careless driving, $500

Gibson, Britney Yarnell, DUI-2nd, careless driving, $750

Glover, Candice C., shoplifting, $500

Govea, Jody Rana, contempt, petit larceny, $0

Griffin, Eric, marijuana in vehicle, DUI, no insurance, speeding, $1,000

Hamilton, Marcus Deangelo, Domestic assault, $0

Hawkins, Chadwick, contempt x2, conspiracy to sell marijuana, probation violation, $5,000

Henderson, Keith, DUI, child endangerment, no insurance, $1,500

Hillard, Karen Tenile, contempt, $0

Hollowell, Clara L., improper tag, poss. of cont. sub., no license, WUI, no insurance, $500

Horton, Mae Jezet, contempt, $0

Housh, Dustin Cole, DUI, domestic disturbing peace, $1,000

Houston, Dandre Smith, paraphernalia, $500

Howard, Christopher McKinley, probation violation, $0

Hudson, Kevin Murray, contempt, $0

Ingram, Darren Keith, contempt, $3,500

Isom, Talisha Natrice, contempt, improper tag, no insurance, $5,000

Jackson II, Mark Anthony, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, turn right at intersection,  no insurance, $1,750

Jefferson, Lamarcus Devaunte, no license, no insurance, improper equipment, $250

Johnson, David Samuel, shoplifting, public drunk, $750

Johnson, Jerry Dewayne, fugitive, $0

Johnson, William Daniel, contempt x2, poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, no tail light, $1,250

Johnson, Amanda Rose, contempt, $0

Jones, Jamal Jerome, contempt, $1,000

Jones, Shundreka Lasha, contempt x2, $914

Joyner, Taundri Chantel, contempt, $5,000

Katchens, Michael, no license, DUI, no insurance, domestic assault, $3,250

Kennedy, Thad, contempt, breaking into dwelling w/intent to commit larceny-habitual, $0

Lackey, Christina Marie, DUI-2nd, $0

Lee, Shedric Terrell, contempt x2, poss. of cocaine-habitual, poss. of methamphetamine-habitual, conspiracy to commit, poss. of weapon by felon-habitual, $10,000

Leggins, Trelis Denzell, contempt, felon in poss. of weapon, $0

Logsdon, Brandon Neal, DUI, failure to yield emergency lights, window tint violation unsafe operation of vehicle, disorderly conduct, $750

Ma,Bunleng, public drunk, $250

Martin, Zarinah Tahlila, probation violation, $666.66

May, Amber Von, no license, DUI, failure to obey officer, $750

McAlexander, Aaron Thomas, DUI, driving on wrong side of road, $500

McCullough, Edward Shawn, domestic assault, !,000

McFarland, Kentrell Dewayne, contempt, $0

McIntosh, Alicia Lashun, contempt, following too closely, $0

McIver, Austin, contempt, $2,000

McMullen, Victoria Aston, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $500

Meeks, Karissa Michele, shoplifting, $500

Miller, Marcus L., contempt x2, $1,000

Montgomery, Lingo Markesha, contempt, marijuana, no license, DUI, $2,000

Moorehead, Terrell Lamont, contempt, assault, $2,000

Morrison, Brice Bradley, contempt x2, false ID information, $10,250

Morrow, Derek Dejuan, probation violation, $317.75

Mosley, Keshaun, sexual battery-felony, $150,000

Mottley, Toneshia Shanta, contempt, receiving stolen property, $7,500

Naylor, Amanda Elizabeth, disorderly conduct, failure to comply w/officer, $250

Neiva, David, marijuana in vehicle, $500

Nolen, Carlos Jamarea, contempt, $2,000

O’Connor, Margaret Ann, educational neglect, $0

Odom, James Garvin, contempt, $1,000

O’Neal, Kierre, burglary-dwelling house, $0

O’Neal, Ladarious, burglary-dwelling house, $0

Orange Jr., Marquis Lamont, paraphernalia, $500

Owens, Marcus Kyle, contempt, parole violation, $5,000

Ozment, Brittany Ann, contempt, $1,000

Petty, Joshua Zoki, domestic assault, $1,500

Pickens, Carmichael Deunta, failure to comply with pretrial intervention terms/conspiracy and sell of marijuana, $0

Pierce, Brittany Nicole, paraphernalia, $500

Pittman, Larry Eugene, contempt, uttering forgery, $0

Polk, Antonio Dewayne, domestic assault, $1,500

Pollard, Marcus Andrew, contempt, paraphernalia, shoplifting x2, $5,000

Ramey, Kaylie Jade, contempt, $5,000

Rauch, Alyssa Jean-Buck, contempt, $0

Rice, Benjamin Duvale, fugitive, $0

Scott, Mario Jamal, contempt x2, $6,500

Scott, Shirelle, probation violation, $0

Sesson, Sage Gafriel, contempt x2, sale of marijuana, poss. of cont. sub., $500

Shelby, Candid Lachelle, domestic violence, disturbing peace-family, $0

Shipp, John Kevub Thomas, poss. of cont. sub., $12,000

Sledge, Demario Lashun, no license, $500

Smith, Chase Bailey, aggravated assault w/weapon or other means to prod. death, $250,000

Smith, Tiffany Monique, DUI, $500

Smock, Jeri Katherine, contempt x2, poss. of cont. sub. in jail-habitual, poss. of methamphetamine-habitual, $0

Starr, Cassidy Breanna, contempt, $0

Stephens Jr., Stephen Edward, contempt x2, $2,000

Streeter, Deanthony Reshun, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Stuckey, Ladarreca  Nicole, contempt, no tag, no license, no insurance, $7,500

Tate, Jim Henry, contempt x2-habitual, assault by threat, $0

Taylor, Jeremy, contempt, paraphernalia, $2,500

Taylor, Lakeisha Eronda, paraphernalia, driving w/only one headlight, $500

Teague, Karrie Breanne, contempt x2 paraphernalia, poss. of schedule II, IV drugs, shoplifting, false identifying info, $6,000

Thompson, Jordan Mitchell, domestic assault, $0

Thompson, Rashad Darnell, contempt, $306.50

Thurlough, Stephen, probation violation, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Toliver, Marlene Annette, contempt, $3,000

Turner, Nicholas Delanie, contempt x2, $2,500

Uselton, Angela Marlene, embezzlement-felony, fugitive, $0

Virgues, Michael Renette, DUI, no insurance, speeding, $500

Walker, Deborah Denice, contempt, $5,000

Wells, Nicolas Ray, willful trespass, simple assault on officer-felony, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $750

Weston, Brandon Kendall, contempt x2, $0

Williams, James Lee, contempt, $5,000

Williams, Robert Lee, shoplifting, $500

Willingham, Charles Edward, contempt, $5,000

Willoughby, Christopher, simple assault, $0

Wilson, Keyatta Cherell, no license, DUI, careless driving, $750

Womak, Cody D., contempt, paraphernalia, $4,500

Young, Thaddeus, contempt, $0

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