Allen, Joseph Michael, improper tag, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, no insurance, receiving stolen property, $2,250

Andrews, Pamela Elizabeth, public drunk, $250

Ankston, Johnathan Pierre, contempt, violation of probation, $0

Arteaga, Pedro Luis, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,500

Banks Jr., Bobby Lee, DUI, $1,500

Barnes Kenneth Earl, contempt, $5,000

Beasley, Shawn Keith, DUI, careless driving, $2,000

Bedforcd, Frederick Michealangelo, domestic assault, $150

BettiKristen Smith, DUI, no insurance, $500

Bianchi, Anthony Nicholas, poss. of cont. sub., poss. of weapon by felon, $50,000

Blackburn, James Quintero, contempt, $0

Bookwalter, Vivian Michelle, DUI, careless driving, improper equip., $750

Bowman, Trevor, violation of probation, $0

Brandon, Kevin, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, $1,750

Brock, Joyce Ann, contempt, poss. of cont. sub.-methamphetamine, $0

Brooks, Ty Stanford, DUI-3rd-felony, reckless driving, running red light, improper passing, unsafe operation of vehicle, fleeing officer, domestic violence, kidnapping, $370,000

Brown Jr., Charles Edward, contempt, $342.75

Brown, Lucas Gregory, domestic assault, $2,000

Brown, Tanyika Mextreya, paraphernalia, $500

Bullox, Corianna L., false identifying information, $250

Busby, Kimberly Leigh, contempt, $1,000

Chapman, Susan Katherine, shoplifting, $0

Clark, Derico Dewuan, contempt, $5,000

Clark, William Earl, no license, DUI, no insurance, $750

Clary Jr., Richard Lee, poss. of cont. sub., $500

Cochran, Jared Wilburn, DUI, speeding, $500

Collins, Willie, paraphernalia, $500

Cooke, Christy Lynn, contempt x2, $5,000

Courson, Teresa Nichole, DUI, no insurance, obedience to traffic device, speeding, $500

Davis Jr., Jerry Louis, no license, disobey traffic control device, $1,500

Davis, Johnvis Antonio, DUI, $750

Delashmit, Caleb Hayes, contempt x2, $6,500

Duren, Shunniceha Lashaie, contempt, $1,500

Edlin, Kelsey Brooks, paraphernalia, domestic assault, $2,500

Edwards, Patricia, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $750

Evans, Will F., poss. of cont. sub.., DUI, poss. of stolen weapon, $4,500

Fisher, Brandin Ryan, violation of probation-felony, $0

Fletcher, Kevin Ivan, domestic violence, $1,500

Fondren Jr., Gregory Malcolm, no license, DUI, unsafe operation of vehicle, $750

Frost, Kerry, public drunk, disturbing peace, $1,750

Galloway, Brandon Shane, embezzlement, $500

Gardner, Alexius S., no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, disobedience of traffic control devices, $500

Gatewood, Michael Alan, contempt x3, $20,000

Gayden, Joshua Lowell, contempt, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, malicious mischief, disturbing peace, cyberstalking, $32,600

Ghoston, Aerial Lasha, domestic disturbance, $250

Gipson, Mariua, contempt x3, $800

Govea, Nicholas Cole, contempt, paraphernalia, $700

Graham, Michael Dewayne, DUI, obedience to traffic device, $500

Grayson, Chadwick, contempt, simple assault, $923.50

Greenslade, Ronald Wayne, DUI, $500

Griffin, Kirk Aaron, paraphernalia, no license, $750

Hall, Angle Lynn, shoplifting, $500

Haney, Jennifer Lynn, domestic assault, $100

Harper Jr., Raymond Ranize,  contempt x2, speeding, $500

Harris, Andre Leweore, contempt, poss. w/intent to sell marijuana, conspiracy to commit shoplifting, shoplifting-felony, $0

Hawkins, Chadwick Michael, contempt, $5,000

Heidrick, William Vernon, Disorderly conduct, $250

Hewgley, Jonathan Theodore, attempt to commit an offense, burglary-dwelling, burglary-outer bldg.., malicious mischief-felony, $0

Hill Jr., Roosevelt, contempt x3-felony, $3,700

Hillie, Tiffany, contempt, $2,500

Hogan, Terry James, assault, $750

Holland, Martha Marie, public drunk, $250

Honeycutt, Timothy Frank, contempt x2, violation of probation, $10,000

Hopkins, Rodrick O’Neal, contempt, $1,200

Howard, Blaine McKinley, cocaine poss., marijuana, $0

Howard, James, disturbing peace-domestic, $0

Hunt, Eric Doe Edward, no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, $1,575

Hunter, Anneise Rachel, contempt, $0

Jackson, Brian Christopher, violation of probation, $0

Jackson, Linda Kay, domestic assault, $1,500

Jamieson, Patti, violation of probation, $0

Jefferson Rashodd Cartrell, contempt, $5,000

Johnson, Camry Camille, contempt, $2,000

Johnson, James Albert, marijuana, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, leaving scene w/property damage, $10,000

Johnson, Sierra Denise, contempt x2, poss. of Oxycodone, poss. of tetrahydrocannabinol, conspiracy to possess oxycodone, $15,100

Johnston, Amanda Rose, switched tag, paraphernalia, no license, improper equip., no insurance, $1,100

Jones, Francha, shoplifting 2nd offense, contributing to delinquency of minor, $0

Jones, Timothy Lee, contempt, $5,000

Jordan, Terry, simple assault, $500

Judkins, Jeffrey Paul, domestic assault, $2,500

Khazratkulov, Utkirbek, following non-truck route, no license, $2,000

Kinsala, Randall Dewayne, contempt, $2,000

Kirkwood, William B., felony poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Klaus, Samuel Waldemar, contempt, carrying concealed weapon, $3

Lee, Joshua Daniel, contempt, $500

Lee, Marlan Anthony, contempt, paraphernalia, poss. cont. sub., $0

Lewis, Andrew Wade, poss. of con., $5,000

Loden, Rhonda, aggravated domestic violence, $0

Long III, Stoy Kenneth, contempt, parole violation, $5,000

Long Jr., Brandon Byrum, contempt x2, domestic assault, $12,500

Love, Marco Antonio, domestic assault, $1,000

Mangrum, William Paten, contempt x4, $12,500

Manuel, Zachary, violation of probation, $0

Martinez, Jose Erik Zuniga, expired tag, poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, $250

McCandless, Melissa Jo, uttering forgery, shoplifting, $1,000

McClendon, Matthew Mark, poss. of cont. sub., $0

McCollum, Samuel Ba., DUI 3rd, felony, $2,000

McDaniel, Felicia Yolando, contempt x2, $628.50

McGinnis, Matthew Ryan, poss. of cont. sub., $15,000

McMorris, Atoaziz M., domestic assault, $3,500

Medlin, David Edward, contempt, parole violation, $5,000

Miller, Christopher Gene, domestic assault, $2,500

Monroe, Trovante D., contempt, $0

Moore, Thomas Burham, contempt, $250

Morales, Torres Juan, disobey traffic control device, $0

Morrison, Brice Bradley, contempt, $300

Murphy, James Joseph, contempt, no license, no insurance, careless driving, $5,250

Myles, Tierra Monika, disturbing peace, $0

Odom, James Edward, contempt, $5,000

Owens, Marcus Kyle, contempt x3, violation le, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $3,200

Pate, Marvielle Deshun, contempt, $243.50

Pencille, Scott Edward, failure to maintain control, DUI, $1,000

Pennington, Tarrenzo J., false identifying information, $500

Pepper, Blake Andrew, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., parole violation-felony, $8,500

Perriera, Hollie Renee, paraphernalia,  no license, DUI, no insurance, $1,250

Perry, Rhia Monique, shoplifting-habitual, $7,500

Pickard, Kevin Reed, DUI, $500

Pickard, Kristin Michelle, shoplifting, resisting arrest, $750

Pleas, Nehemaih DeShawn, no tag, no license, $1,500

Plumley, Raymond Earl, assault, $250

Porter, Darryl Dwayne, contempt, $6,000

Robinson, Ashlyn Toneek, contempt, $5,000

Robinson, Christian Gevonte, contempt x2, $5,000

Rochelle, Jordyn Kelsey, poss. of cont. sub., $15,000

Saleh, Khaled Adeeb, no tag, paraphernalia, no license, driving w/o headlights, improper equip., no insurance, $1,000

Shorter, Lawson L., paraphernalia, $500

Shorter, Tommy Jeral, switched tag, no license, false identifying information, fugitive, $750

Simons, Krystina Marie, domestic assault, $1,200

Singleton, Marcus Terrell, contempt, $192

Skelton, Christopher Keith, contempt, $0

Smith, Amber Rose, public drunk, $100

Smith, Curtin Burke, poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Smith, James Michael, conspiracy to commit felony, burglary, $2,500

Smith, Jesse David, contempt, paraphernalia, $5,500

Smith, Kimberly Kathleen, contempt, $68.50

Smith, William joseph, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, child endangerment, $4,222.22

Sparks, Jessica Monique, domestic assault, $1,000

Spencer, Gregory Scott, fugitive, $0

Stacks Jr., Ted Wallace, contempt x4, parole violation-felony, $10,300

Stapleton, Hunter Chase, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, no insurance, careless driving, er to yield to emergency vehicle, $1,000

Sufyan, Hasem Abdul-Quader, paraphernalia, $500

Tate, Veronica Nashell, contempt, $1,250

Taylor, Mavis Irene, fugitive, $0

Thirsty, Jaxauvis Zsphfrago, domestic violence, $1,000

Thompson, Jacob Ross, DUI, $500

Thompson, Marcus Darnell, DUI 2nd, $0

Tinnin, Cornelius Neal Sanchase, domestic disturbance, $0

Todd, Ricky Lavelle, DUI 2nd, $750

Trippett, Dedrick, contempt, $1,000

Tripp, Stephen Anthony, paraphernalia, $500

Vardaman, Arthur Rasheed, contempt x2, $6,500

Walls, Mary Luciana, contempt-felony, accessory after the fact., $0

Warren, Richard K., disorderly conduct, $1,000

Watson, Roderrick Keon, DUI 2nd, driving in center lane, false identifying information, $1,500

Watt, Jennald Orlando, contempt, $3,500

Weathers IV, James Earl, contempt, $600

Webb, Sherita Danetta, no license, domestic violence, disturbance, $500

West, Jordan Tyler, uttering forgery, $500

White, Darian Darrell, no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, child restraint law, $250

Wilkinson Jr., Jon, trespassing, $0Willard, Ella Nicole, contempt, $172,75

Williams Sr., John Fitzgerald, DUI, 2nd, $0

Williams, Artellia Denisse, making fraudulent statements/representations, $5,000

Williams, Mark Allen, DUI, careless driving, $1,000

Wilson, Austin Levi, contempt, $375

Wilson, Nathaniel, contempt, switched tag, $238.75

Wilson, Taurus, no license500

Wooten, Nicholas K., contempt, $5,000

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