Acevedo, Linda Kaye, contempt, $1,500

Allen, Justin Thomas, contempt x2, $830.42

Ambrew, Kendral, contempt x2, $3,500

Baker, Jonathan Chase, burglary, commercial building, $10,000

Baldwin, Necole Felica, larceny under lease/rental agreement, $10,000

Barber, Terry Lynn, contempt, $100

Bartlett, Andrew Lee, contempt, paraphernalia, probation violation, grand larceny, $1,000

Batts, Jarrick Marchal, public drunk, $250

Beake III, Jesse Emett, burglary-dwelling, felony,  $15,000

Bell, Brandin Michael, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,000

Bell, Willie Louis, contributing to delinquency of minor, $250

Blaine, Cory Stephen, home repair fraud, $10,000

Bookout, Catherine Michelle, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $0

Brogden, Jeremiah Loring, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, )

Brown Sr., Mitchell Bernard, domestic assault, felony, $0

Brown, Kimberly Nicole, contempt, improper tag, no license, no insurance, $0

Brown, Roderick Lecory, paraphernalia, DUI, signal lane change, unsafe operation of vehicle, disorderly conduct, $1,250

Carter, Christopher Dale, contempt, paraphernalia, controlled substance, $0

Chandler, Bryce Lee, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $0

Clark, Ronald J., domestic violence, $0

Cohn, Haley Renea, contempt, $0

Cole, Eldridge Bernard, contempt, shoplifting, $5,500

Cox Sr., Leroi Marcellius, contempt, $1,000

Cruz, Osbaldo-Jonathan Gayosso, DUI, careless driving, $500

Davis, Joshua Cody, abuse, neglect of vulnerable adult, simple assault, $20,000

Dewerff, John Matthew, simple assault on police officer-felony, $1,000

Dillard, Bobby Katron, contempt, $1,000

Donald, Everett Wayne, switched tag, probation violation, grand larceny, no license, no insurance, $0

Douglass, Aspen Kristen, contempt x3, no license, no insurance, speeding. $500

Durdin, Clayton Michael, contempt, $1,000

Eggers, Cody Jamesburton, exploitation of a child to produce visual depiction of sexual conduct, $25,000

Fairchild, Vicki H., disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $750

Faulkner, Brandon Keith, DUI, disobedience of traffic control devices, $500

Fletcher, Thomas Anthony, poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, attempt to commit offense, burglary, auto, burglary, tools, $15,000

Gant II, Donald Cortelyou, domestic disturbance, $0

Gibson, Daniel McNair, DUI, $500

Goudy, Brittany Marie, possession of cont. sub., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, tampering w/physical evidence, $10,000

Gray, Ayesga Iquana, contempt, DUI, $0

Hammett, Sammy Marvin, public drunk, disturbing peace, $500

Hampton, Aundrea Nicole, DUI, $500

Harkness, Daniel Joseph, public drunk, $250

Harris, Cordarryll Ladell, paraphernalia, no insurance, $500

Hassell Jr., Sean Cornell, no license, DUI, child endangerment, speeding, $1,500

Hawkins, Jamie Ron, burglary, commercial bldg., cars, etc., $10,000

Hickey, Clayton John, domestic assault, disorderly conduct, failure to comply w/officer, noise ordinance violation, $1,000

Hickle, Scott David, DUI, endangering a child by DUI, $1,750

Hill Sr., Robert Shire, no license, DUI, failure to yield to blue light, speeding, $3,000

Hodges, Emily Renee, public drunk, disturbing peace, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,000

Hopkins, George Gibson, contempt, $1,500

Howard, Charles Chandler, contempt x3, $750

Hymon, Kennedy Leigh, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $0

Jackson, Angela Marie, paraphernalia, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, burglary, conspiracy to receive stolen property, burglary of auto, burglary commercial bldg.., grand larceny x2, receiving stolen property, $21,000

Jefferson, Rashodd Cantrell, contempt , felon in poss. of weapon-habitual, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $25,000

Jones Jr., Darryle Dewayne, contempt, $476

Jones, Cordell Earl, simple assault by physical menace, $1,500

Jones, Samantha Renee, domestic assault, $500

Jordan, Shakira D., disturbing peace, $250

Kamerzink, Daryl Lee, contempt, $5,000

Kencdrick Jr., Reginald, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $0

Kimble, Robert Earl, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, improper equipment, $500

Lee, Blake, contempt, $0

Lee, Markeno Carleon, contempt, paraphernalia, $250

Legrand, John O’Neal, contempt, $500

Lewis, Brittany Lashea, endangering child, DUI, no insurance, $1,750

Lowe, Shanetta Latrice, contempt, prescription fraud, $0

Lowman, Vondell Ladukes, fugitive, $0

Marshall Jr., Robert Alfred, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, petit larceny, simple assault, $21,935

Matthews, Gherrig Nayenual, fleeing officer in vehicle, $5,000

McCracken, Cash Taylor, DUI, careless driving, $750

McGlothian, Darryl, disturbing peace, $250

Miles, Stephanie Corin, contempt x2, $1,000

Miller, Anthony Hunter, contempt, burglary-dwelling, felony, $10,000

Millican Sr., Corey Joe, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $5,000

Mitchell, Reginald Maurice, DUI, $500

Moore, Prenston Wayne, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, careless driving, $500

Moseby-Akins, Adrian, contempt x3, $5,500

Mullish, Mark Allen, DUI, careless driving, $750

Murray, Craig Leon, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, tampering with physical evidence, $35,000

Nesmith, Michael Lowery, contempt, fugitive, $0

Newman, James William, contempt x2, $0

Oliver Sr., Rondrellus Deshun, contempt, $1,500

Padgett, Haven Skyler, public drunk, $0

Parnell, Ryan Mitchell, DUI, careless driving, $750

Paulino, Joel Christian, domestic disturbance, $0

Peoples III, John William, public drunk, $250

Pettis, Laquriya Shamary, contempt, no license, speeding, no insurance, $5,000

Pigue, Kesha Keoshea, contempt x3, $3,000

Raimey Sr., Olando Lawrence, contempt, $283.50

Renfroe, Keenan Roshad, DUI, obstructing public street, $500

Rosebud, Robert Tynarius, paraphernalia, DUI, $0

Royal-Benson, Velvet Lea, domestic assault, $1,000

Russell, Gregory, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $1,000

Sawyer, Gerard Alan., public drunk, $250

Scott Sr., Russell Tillman, contempt x3, poss. of methamphetamine-habitual, poss. w/intent, habitual offender, $10,000

Scott, Jamilyah Shyrese, contempt, $201,50

Sharp Jr., Alvin, contempt, $3,500

Shipp, Timothy D., public profanity, disturbance in public place, $0

Smith Jr., Thomas Robert, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, grand larceny, $2,000

Smith, Tony Bernard, contempt, probation violation, $0

Spears, Roy Lydell, improper tag, DUI, seatbelt violation, $750

Spencer, Tyler Jacob, probation violation-fondling, fugitive, $0

Stephens, Denzell, DUI, seatbelt violation, poss. of stolen firearm, tampering w/evidence, $9,750

Street, Tiffany Jo, careless driving, DUI, $0

Stroud, Justin Kelly Bishop, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,250

Stuckey, Melody Denise, domestic violence, child deprivation of necessaries with substantial harm-felony, $15,000

Tate, Lashaun, child abuse-felony, $10,000

Todd, Jerrick Durell, trafficking cont. sub., $0

Tomlinson, Torey, petit larceny, $0

Turner Sr., Montreal Jamore, no license, no insurance, improper equip., $0

Vann, James, violation of post release supervision, fondling a child, $0

Veasley, Stephen William, public drunk, disorderly conduct, $0

Walton, Erika Nicole, domestic assault, $0

Warren, Shane Michael, poss. weapon by felon-felony, $15,000

Watkins, Javarea Owanlynshee, receiving stolen property, $10,000

Watson, Amanda Kay, failed u/a, $0

Watts, Brandi Ann, DUI, careless driving, $750

Weston, Jamerrious Rashun, felony sale of cont. sub., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, tampering w/physical evidence, $10,000

White Sr., Jermaine Demetrius, shoplifting, $0

Whitelow Jr., Antonio Rod’riquez, contempt, $5,000

Whitfield, Johnny Carnell, contempt, $5,000

Williams, April Lakaye, DUI, $750

Willingham, Romello Jacquez, domestic disturbing peace, $1,500

Willkie, Gunnar, no license, window tint, disorderly conduct, $500

Wilson, David Marlin, conspiracy to sell meth-felony, sale of methamphetamine-felony, $50,000

Wynn Jr., Donald Wayne, child pornography, $250,000

Young, Mario Darnell, no license, DUI, no insurance, $0

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