Alcantara-Cueva, Beatriz Alexix, domestic assault, $0

Aldridge, Eric Deshoun, no license, $0

Allan, Michael James, child pornography-felony, tampering with physical evidence-felony, $75,000

Alvaro-Amilcar, Bernardo Perez, no license, DUI, careless driving, no insurance, $0

Anderson, Felita, probation violation/shoplifting, fugitive, $0

Bagwell, Steven Charles, contempt, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $1,000

Banks, Diva Shontrae, contempt, $1,500

Batts, Jarrick Marchal, shoplifting, public drunk, $0

Bell, Brandin Michael, violation of post release supervision-felony fleeing, $0

Bell, Erika Lawun, contempt, no license, no insurance, $1,700

Bingham, Dreshun Drevon, contempt, failure to comply w/provisions of non-adj. order/burglary of dwelling, $0

Bobo, Marco Fashawn, open container, contempt x2, DUI, improper equip., $0

Boughton, Abbeni Ann, failure to comply w/provision of non-adj. order/poss. of cont. sub., $0

Bradburn III, Doyle Eugene, no license, $0

Brown, Beverly Blackwood, probation violation, $2,500

Brown, Fredrick Tyrone, conspiracy to commit a crime, $75,000

Brummett, Brittany Ann, DUI, $750

Burton Jr., Dewayne Eric, careless driving, DUI-2nd, no license, $3,000

Cannon, Stephen Bradley, public drunk, $1,500

Carpenter, John Pierce, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent x2, $15,000

Carr, Pyllis Joan, larceny under lease or rental agreement, over $1,000 value felony, $2,500

Carter Arlandre Reshad, contempt, $5,000

Champion, Cordaro Terell, fugitive, $0

Chisom, Lesli Nicole, paraphernalia, DUI, careless driving, improper e  quip., no insurance, $2,500

Claiborne, Keysha Ladawn, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $1,500

Claudio, Tyler Reo, domestic assault, $0

Collins, Georges M., contempt, $0

Cook, Brittany Nicole, domestic assault, $0

Covington, Sharon Loveberry, failure to yield to blue lights, improper equip., disorderly conduct, $500

Cox, Ronald Roderick, contempt, burglary-motor vehicle, $45,000

Crabtrtree, Shawn Matthew, contempt, child exploitation, $0

Crumb, Clifton Antonio, no license, DUI, improper equip., no insurance $1,000

Cummins, Demarkus Dewayne, contempt, probation violation, $0

Cummings, Markieth, DUI, $550

Cunningham, Derek Emanuel, contempt, domestic assault, $500

Davis, Jonathan R., credit card-intent to defraud, $500

Day, David Edward, DUI, $0

Dormayer, Eric O’Neal, marijuana in vehicle, $0

Dyer, John Washington, DUI-2nd, $0

Evans, Marcus Antanio, contempt, $5,000

Evans, Tina Michelle, contempt, $1,000

Everett, Melvon Deante, assault, $999.99

Everett, Monyetta Shaugndrell, assault, $999.99

Felder Jr., Tyrone, contempt x3, poss. of cont. sub., disorderly conduct, $7,500

Figueroa Jr., Michael Josephy, failure to comply w/pretrial intervention, poss. of cont. sub., $1,000

Fleming, Terry Key, receiving stolen property-felony, $0

Forrest, Franklin Cortez, contempt, expired tag, no license, DUI-felony, $55,000

Franklin, Jennifer Nicole, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $200

Giannopulos, Bliten Alexander, DUI-3rd-felony, disorderly conduct obstructing street, resisting arrest, $1,000

Gibson, Dyesha Latesha, stalking, $500

Gibson, Tomarcus O’Brian, stalking, $500

Gist, Rockie Wade, contempt, poss. of methamphetamine, $0

Godbolt, Willie Cory, capital murder (only here for jury selection), $0

Goforth, Terry James, contempt, grand larceny, $0

Green, William Antonio, disorderly conduct, failure to comply w/officer, $250

Greene, Roger Dale, contempt, $5,000

Hall, James Eric, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $500

Hamilton, Troy Lee, receiving stolen property, $1,000

Hammond, Zachery Alexander, disorderly conduct, $250

Haney, Kathryn Mari, DUI-2nd, $0

Harrell, Mason Stanley, contempt x2, poss. of methamphetamine-felony, fugitive, $0

Harris, Jessie Beactrice, pubic disturbance, $0

Harris, Keshun Dejae, disorderly conduct, $250

Hart, Jennifer Megan, DUI-2nd, careless driving, $2,000

Hatley, Tyler Weston, contempt, failure to comply w/terms of pretrial intervention, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Henderson, Thomas David, contempt, $500

Henry, Joshua Earl, no license, DUI, speeding, no insurance, $1,250

Hibbler, Nikiedra Briana, contempt, $5,000

Hicks, Samuel, public drunk, $0

Hill, Jasmine Nicole, poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, careless driving, obedience to traffic device, receiving stolen property, fleeing law-felony, $20,000

Holmes, Kyle Jacob, public drunk, disorderly conduct, $500

Hoover, Brittney, contempt, probation violation, poss. of methamphetamine, $200

Hopkins, Robert Kadarius, contempt, $0

Hoskins, Johnny Alanzo, domestic assault, $1,000

Houston, Christopher Isaiah, contempt, burglary tools-habitual, $40,000

Hudspeth, Timothy Wayne, burglary-commercial, poss. of burglary tools, $30,000

Hughey, Tracy Keith, contempt, $5,000

Hurt, Rockell Demond, contempt, $5,000

Jackson, Brandon Tavasia, contempt-2nd, paraphernalia, DUI, careless driving, failure to yield to blue lights, improper equip., no insurance, $8,000

Jackson, Derrick Dewayne, contempt/poss. of marijuana-recidivist, poss. of weapon by felon, $0

Jackson, James Leon, DUI, disobedience of traffic devices, no insurance, $500

Jefferson, Danielle Tari, contempt, failure to comply w/terms of pretrial intervention, receiving stolen property, $5,000

Jenkins, Brianna, aggravated domestic violence-felony, $25,000

Jenkins, Emanuel Ernesto, contempt x2, no tag, $5,268.75

Jens, Richard M., domestic assault, $2,000

Johnson, Amber Lynn, DUI, no insurance, $500

Johnson, Justin Ryan, failure to comply w/non-adjudication poss. of cont. sub, $0

Johnson, Quintarus, contempt, domestic assault, $7,500

Johnston, Cody Allen, DUI, driving in center lane, $500

Jones, Antonio Terrell, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $50,000

Jones, Jeremy Wayne, paraphernalia, no license, careless driving, no insurance, $1,000

Jones, Kelvin Lonterryl, contempt, shoplifting, $7,000

Jones, Kimberly Latrice, contempt, no license, $5,000

Kitchens, Michael Leroy, DUI, no insurance, domestic assault, $0

Keating, Ryan Tyson, shoplifting, $500

Keeler, Dontreal Lashon-Defrance, contempt, no license, no insurance, careless driving, no motorcycle crash helmet, $0

Kimmons, Kryschauna Rshae, contempt, $1,000

King, Audrey Lee, paraphernalia, poss. of cont. substance-felony, poss. of cont. sub.-misd., DUI, $5,000

King, Kirk Russell contempt, unlawful taking of vehicle, $0

Kirk, Stephanie Renee, contempt, $1,000

Lammey, Dean, DUI, $500

Lampkin, Patrick Jerome, no license, DUI, $1,000

Lancaster, Travis Lamar, vehicle theft, $1,500

Lang, James Lamond domestic assault, $150

Lee, Robert Edward, DUI, careless driving, no insurance, $1,500

Leonard III, Guy Arnold, domestic assault, $500

Lester, Napolean Earl, contempt, expired tag, seatbelt violation, no insurance, $500

Love, Tomekia Latrice, contempt, $1,500

Loveberry, Classius Keayrius, contempt, $322.75

Magee, Terry Lakeye, public drunk, $250

Maples, Kordae Cheveaz, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Martin, Darrell Devante, contempt, $5,000

McCaskill, Tiffany Leshaun, DUI, careless driving, $500

McCawley, Jameson Cole, obscene electronic communications, $250

McElroy, Katelyn McKenzie, receiving stolen property, $0

McKinney, Ralph Earl, contempt x2, $5,000

Miller, Sherelle Danielle, paraphernalia, DUI, driving on right half of roadway, $1,250

Mills, Monquanisha Nashell, contempt, no tag, paraphernalia, no license, careless driving, no insurance, $5,000

Misher, Ryan Michael, DUI, careless driving, $250

Mitchell, Darian, probation violation, poss. of cocaine, fugitive, $0

Moore II, Burnnie Douglass, DUI, careless driving, $750

Moorehead, Terrell, simple assault, $0

Moreland, Anthony Wayne, fugitive, $0

Morgan, William Michael, domestic violence, family disturbance, $1,000

Nelson, Catonya Lachelle, expired tag, no license, DUI, child endangerment x3, careless driving, child restraint law x3, no insurance, $4,200

Nunnery, Shavedia Shanta, contempt, no license, $2,000

O’Kelly, Nicholas Ray, probation violation, burglary of dwelling, $0

Orejel Sr., Christopher Allen, contempt, poss. w/intent to transfer, $0

Overton, Sharon, shoplifting, $0

Phillips, Michael Wayne, contempt x2, domestic violence, $5,000

Pickens, Alexandria Kurstina, contempt, $0

Pittman, Gia, receiving stolen property-felony, $2,222.22

Pollard, Marcus, shoplifting, $0

Ramos, Daren Allen, poss. w/intent to sell marijuana, contempt, $7,500

Riddle, Natasha Marie, contempt, methamphetamine, $0

Rieben, Callie Suezanne, contempt, $5,000

Risby Jr., Lawrence Clay, violation of probation, poss. of cocaine, $0

Robertson, Haylee Brooke, failure to comply w/provisions of non-adjudication order, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Rovenstine, James Richard, DUI, $750

Sansone, David Michael, assault-to cause bodily injury, $30,000

Schram, Marc Earl, DUI, speeding, $500

Sedgwick, Justin Aaron, contempt, conspiracy to commit burglary, felony taking of vehicle, $5,000

Sellers Jr., Bobby Joe, contempt, false identifying info, $0

Sesson, Sage Gafriel, contempt, $0

Shields, Nicholas Renaldo, contempt, $203.50

Shipp, Kevin Duntrell, contempt, $20,000

Sim, Vuth, DUI, $500

Smith, Michael Dewayne, contempt, violation of post release supervision,

family disturbance, domestic violence, $2,500

Smith, Calvert Demond, contempt, $456.50

Smith, Christopher Fredrick, DUI, child endangerment, leaving scene of accident w/injuries, $0

Smith, Dominic Damon, contempt, no tag, no license, receiving stolen property, $2,000

Smith, Dominique Desha, paraphernalia, $500

Smith, Jermaine Antonio, contempt, $0

Smith, Jeromy Donald, paraphernalia, DUI, disorderly conduct, $1,500

Smith, Mario L., contempt, $0

Smith, Nathan, DUI, $0

Smith, Ricky, careless driving, failure to yield to blue lights, no license, $0

Spruill, Reba Ladonna, shoplifting-2nd, $0

Stewart, Lawrence Anthony, malicious mischief, no license, DUI, $2,000

Stewart, Matthew Lewis, enticement of a child to meet for sexual purposes, $10,000

Sullivan, Patrick Thomas, contempt x2, $0

Tate, Lasharay Kiera, contempt x3, paraphernalia, probation violation, $3,200

Taylor, Tracy Faith, contempt, $2,200

Tennial, Antionette Lakeitha, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, seatbelt violation, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,750

Thomas, Angel, shoplifting, $1,000

Tims, Maurice Deangelo, fugitive, $0

Toliver, Seneca Jamese, contempt x4, armed robbery-felony, $30,000

Turner, Montero Dajour, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, aggravated assault x2, shooting into dwelling, $150,000

Tyson, Britney Nicole, poss. of heroin, probation violation, $0

Walker, Tykiere Exzavion, failure to comply w/non-adjudication/poss. of a controlled substance, $0

Whitehead Jr., Curtis Donte, domestic assault, $500

Wiggins, Shane, contempt, $250

Williams, Deadrick Kentyrell, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, conspiracy to commit crime, attempt to commit an offense/murder-felony, murder-felony, $1,000,000

Williams, Latravis Diante, contempt, $0

Williamson, Cedric Dajur, armed robbery, domestic assault, contributing to deliquence /neglect of a child, $0

Williamson, Erica Darneise, public drunk, public profanity, disorderly conduct, $750

Wilson, Eddie Lee, contempt, $5,000

Wilson, Pamela Evon, no license, DUI, child endangerment, improper equip., child restraint law, no insurance, $2,000

Woodruff, Veronica Elena, DUI-2nd, $0

Young, Lazerick Darnell, no license, DUI, speeding, no insurance, $500

Young, Walter Williams, contempt x2, $2,000

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