Adams, Yvette Shaun, contempt x2, no insurance, $5,456.50

Agnew, Leslie Marie, contempt, $242

Alexander, Justin Antonio, contempt, no tag, no license, no insurance, $2,000

Alford, Terrance Dashawn, poss./sale of stolen firearm, $20,000

Allen, Amber Garnelle, contempt, $5,000

Allen, Justin Thomas, violation co. ordinance, grand larceny, $10,500

Arnold, Tony Adrian, contempt, $1,000

Askew, Jakayla Iyana, contempt, $550

Bane, Sharon Denise, contempt x2, $8,000

Barner, Christian Demerick, contempt, 2nd offense, exploitation of a chjild-felony, $255,000

Barron, Hannah Ealine, violation of intensive supervision agreement, $0

Beans, Adorpalestina Davena, no license, unlawful taking of motor vehicle, $0

Birmingham, Ashley, contempt, $5,000

Birmingham, Jerry Birten, contempt, $3,500

Blackburn, Chauncenique Raquita, probation violation, $2,000

Blair, Jessie Lamonmt, contempt, $0

Bobo, Justin Ray, conspiracy to commit crime-felony x3, shoplifting-felony x3, $30,000

Bowen Jr., Keith Morris, contempt, violation of supervised probation, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $2,500

Brassfield, Matthew Lee, contempt, $5,000

Bridges, Alexis Abbreanna, shoplifting, $500

Brocato, Christina Joyce, violation of probation, $0

Brooks, Courtnee Cierra, domestic assault, $4,000

Brooks, domestic assault, $2,000

Brown, James David, contempt x2, poss. of methamphetamine, $5,000

Brown, Nicholas Dale, probation violation, $0

Brown, Quinten Elijah, disorderly conduct, $250

Buffkin, Tyler Dwain, contempt, $1,064.50

Bumpas, David Franklin, contempt, $0

Burnett, Tavarus O’Shay, no license, careless driving, tampering with evidence, $25,000

Burns, Donna L., poss. of cont. sub., $7,777,77

Butler, Amy Marjean, taking motor vehicle-felony, $20,000

Butler, Carrissa Lampin, shoplifting x2, $1,250

Calvin, Capricia Shianna, contempt, $0

Campbell, Charles Robert, contempt, shoplifting, false information to officer, $5,000

Cardin, Christopher Michael, domestic violence, $2,500

Cavallo, Christopher, paraphernalia, improper equip., $500

Clevenger, Leon, public drunk, $0

Coda, Richard Anthony, DUI-felony, speeding, $50,000

Collins Sr., Gregory Wendell, domestic assault, domestic disturbing peace, $2,000

Conrad, Sheneika Romame, no tag, no license, no insurance, $1,000

Craine, Lavar Deshur, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, no insurance, improper equipment, $1,750

Crum, Ron Christopher, contempt, $2,000

Curtis, Mario Antwon, DUI, no insurance, following too closely, $500

Daniel, Ashleigh Tiana, contempt, no tag, no license, no insurance, $1,000

Darling, Michael Andrew, poss. of cont. sub. x2, trespassing, $1,500

Darnell, Trey Christian, contempt, $0

Davis, Lakita Annette, contempt, violation of post release supervision, violation of probation, $2,500

Delashmit, Caleb Hayes, poss. of cont. sub., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, domestic violence, $250,000

Dubose, Deon, paraphernalia, $0

Duru, Ifeanyi Obinna, paraphernalia, $500

Dyer, Jaylon Lamar, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $30,000

Dyes, John Henry, trespass, shoplifting, $750

Earl, Rosiland, manslaughter (culpable negligence), $50,000

Eason, Hailey Nicholle, contempt x3, poss. of cont. sub. in jail, $6,500

Finkley, Margaret Ann, DUI, shoplifting, $4,000

Fischer, David Dickinson, domestic assault, $1,000

Flowers, Jacory Marquis, contempt, $3,000

Frost, Jordan Alexander, paraphernalia, $500

Fuller, Barry, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, turn right at intersection, $500

Gadd, Tiffany Celishe, contempt, $1,000

Gallion, Donovon Terrell, contempt, $250

Griffin, Mary Ann, DUI, $1,000

Gross, Candance Lynn, DUI, careless driving, $500

Guess, Timothy Bradford, paraphernalia, no insurance, seatbelt violation, $500

Gurley, Brian Keith, contempt-felony, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $25,000

Harris, Donnell, shoplifting, $1,000

Harvey, Akerie Waynika, fraud-bad checks, $1,000

Hassebrock, Marie Inez, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Hernandez-Coronado, Rodolfo, improper tag, no license, DUI, careless driving, $0

Hill, Shannon Wayne, contempt, $1,500

Holliday, Kamron Ty, contempt x3, DUI-felony, poss./sale of paraphernalia, $60,500

Holloway, Contrell Deshun, contempt, disorderly conduct, $750

Holloway, Melinda, contempt, $250

Holmes, Jarvis Jurell, DUI-drugs, $1,000

Holub, Michael James, paraphernalia, $500

Howard, Laterrika Nicole, contempt, $5,000

Howard, Vincent Votarious, domestic disturbing peace, $1,000

Jackson, John Bernard, poss. of cont. sub., no license, improper equipment, $250

Jackson, Sonya Kay, contempt, $5,000

James, Lasonya Corbrittney, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, leaving scene of accident, $1,500

Jefferson, Brea Marie, assault causing bodily injury, $500

Johnson, James Matthew, contempt, $500

Jordan, Marquita Vonquery, disorderly conduct, $0

Joyner, William Wallace, simple assault, $10,000

Keller, Joseph Kermit, license required for transient vender, $500

Kendrick, Dalton Reed, DUI, $0

Keys, Cheryl Vontina, domestic assault, $1,000

Kinnett, Roger Scott, embezzlement, $10,000

Latiker, Martell Durrell, contempt, $1,000

Lawson, Spontaneous Natasha, DUI, $0

Letner, Larry Lee, contempt, $200

Lewis, Takianyque Shaqan, contempt, $134.75

Loden, Rhonda Bulimore, aggravated domestic violence, $0

Logan, Diana, paraphernalia, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, $6,250

Lomax, Mario, contempt, violation of probation, $0

Lovelace, Matthew L., contempt-felony, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Magoundi, Tany Girelle, paraphernalia, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $1,250

Malone, Bionka Lasha, DUI, speeding, no insurance, $750

Martinez, Angel Lee, no license, no insurance, improper equip., contempt, no license, $1,000

Matias, Francisco, domestic assault, $2,500

Mburu, Andrew Ndegwa, receiving stolen property-felony, $50,000

Mediola-Mora, Jose Carlos, fugitive, $0

Miller, Steven Ray, contempt x2, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, burglary, grand larceny, $87.75

Moore, Michael A., fugitive, $0

Morris, Christy Deloris, contempt x4, sale/possession/use of cont. sub. or narcotic in jail, $15,000

Neal, Gary Steven, contempt x2, $500

Netterville, Jackie Lee, littering, open container, paraphernalia, $500

Owens Sr., Steven Wayne, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $3,000

Pena, Andrea Rae, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, tampering with evidence, $20,000

Peyton, Nicole Hope, contempt x2, paraphernalia x2, poss. of heroin, poss. of cont. sub., no license, running stop sign, reckless driving, improper passing, conspiracy to commit crime, no insurance, shoplifting, fleeing law, $3,500

Powell, Demetrius Latrell, DUI, no license, $750

Pulliam, William Davis, contempt x4, $10,400

Pumphrey, Mark A., DUI, $0

Randolph, Charelton Scott, DUI, $750

Ratcliffe Jr., Herbert, leaving the scene property damage, $0

Reed Sr., Stephon Bernard, contempt, $1,500

Reed, Rachel May, paraphernalia, public drunk, false identifying information, $1,000

Roque, Dianna, DUI, paraphernalia, disobedience of traffic control devices, $1,000

Roque, Jessica, open container, possession of alcoholic beverage under 21, $250

Rosa, Deion Lebron, assault, disturbing peace, $0

Sanders, Dorian Dominick, contempt, no license, DUI, endangering a child, domestic assault, $1,500

Santiago, Freddy, violation of probation, $0

Scott, Charles Creekmore, poss. of controlled substance, violation of probation, conspiracy to commit a crime, $20,000

Sessom, Crystal Chantrice, contempt, $500

Sexton, Ashley Brooke, public drunk, $250

Smith, Gavin Marlow, failed U/A, $0

Smith, Mazio Lavon, contempt, $5,000

Smith, Michael John-Anthony, DUI, careless driving, $750

Smith, Robert Curtis, simple assault, domestic violence, $2,000

Smith, Tarsha Nicole, contempt, no license, no insurance, careless driving, $1,565

Smith, Tony Eugene, contempt, $5,000

Snipes, Kenneth, contempt, no license, DUI 2nd, no insurance, failure to change lanes when approaching emergency vehicle, $3,000

Spruill, Reba, contempt, $0

Tanner, Bridget Angelik, fugitive, $0

Tate, Lee Oliver, domestic disturbance, $250

Thacker, Stanley Leon, DUI, $750

Timmons, William Stacy, violation of parole, $0

Tucker, Tawanna Lashaun, contempt, $1,000

Velasquez Garcia, Mardoqueo Marvin, open container, no license, DUI, no insurance, speeding, fugitive, $750

Waldrop, Christopher Lee, capital murder, $0

Walker, Jacqueline Christinafinch, DUI, $3,000

Walker, Justine Lajessica, contempt, no license, speeding, $3,000

Washington, Demarcus Lewayne, contempt, $5,000

Watkins, Larry Leonardous, no license, speeding, $500

Wells, Ashley Hope, contempt, paraphernalia, $1,500

Wheatley, Traqausha, contempt, $593.25

Wilburn, Korshala Montevia, paraphernalia, no license, careless driving, no insurance, $1,000

Williams, Michael, license required for transient vendor, $500

Wilson, Lasteven T., contempt, $342.75

Winfield, Christopher Micheal, contempt x2, poss. of stolen firearm, weapon by felon, $16,500

Womack IV, Ernest Austin, shoplifting, $500

Woolsey, Madeline Elizabeth, paraphernalia, domestic assault, $2,000

Wylie, Jacki Laquinn, shoplifting, $500

Yancey, Joe Henry, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $1,250

Yoder, John William, domestic violence, disturbing peace, disorderly conduct, $750

Youngblood, Joshua Cain, contempt, paraphernalia, $500

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