Abu-Adieh, Suleiman Zeyad, poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Aldridge, William Lee, domestic assault, $500

Alexander, Tracy Chavor, fugitive, $0

Amro, Mohamad Ata, assault by threat, $1,000

Amro, Nasar Ata, assault by threat, $1,500

Austin, Richard Jefferson, domestic assault, $0

Avery, Madrena Nash, contempt x2, $6,000

Banks Jr., Marcus Deandre, contempt, $200

Barber, Scott Eric, altered tag, DUI, careless driving, $1,750

Beale Jr., Jerry Lee, attempt to commit offense x3, $100,000

Bean, Adorpalestina Davena, no license, receiving stolen property, false ID, $5,000

Bell, Angela Carol, shoplifting, $500

Bell, Dwayne Darnell, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $500

Bennington, Shelia Michelle, domestic assault, $500

Blevins, Mark Anthony, contempt, $5,000

Brewer, Amanda Grace, shoplifting, $500

Brown III, Elbert Talmadge, violation of PRS, $0

Brown Jr., Spencer Guy, parole violation, $0

Buckey, Marcus Levar, contempt x3, poss. of cont. sub., fleeing law, $0

Buckner, Justin Emario, contempt, $5,000

Buford, Shericka Latrice, contempt, $500

Bunting, Angelo Markel, paraphernalia, $500

Busby, Brian Anthony, contempt, $1,500

Caston, Eric Dashun, contempt, $0

Cathey, Cameka Latrice, disorderly conduct, $0

Chauffee, Codey James, domestic assault, $500

Chilfress, Shonda M., DUI, no insurance, improper equip., $2,250

Christensen, Kayla Marie, manufacture and or sale of cont. sub.-felony, $10,000

Clay, Karlos Quintin, paraphernalia no insurance, careless driving, $500

Cox Jr., Randy Allen, violation of post release supervision, $0

Crockett, Demarion Markiese, paraphernalia, no license, $750

Dahlgren, Mark Allen, contempt, $0

Davis, Christopher N., DUI, shoplifting, assault, $0

Davis, Eureka C., harassing phone call, $250

Denton Jr., John William, felony poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, DUI, auto burglary, $36,000

Dilworth Sr., Darryl Wayne, contempt, $250

Do, Jimmy Frankie, felony poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, $25,500

Dodd, Christopher Michael, contempt, $2,000

Dowdell, David F., contempt, $2,000

Dunn, Stephanie Nicole, violation of probation, $0

Eldred, John Tanner, contempt x2, $10,000

Evans Jr., Solomon, domestic disturbing family, contempt, $250

Fauchier, Victoria Lane, violation of supervised probation, $0

Foley, Jennifer, DUI, $500

Fowler, Brandon Douglas, domestic disturbance, $250

Franks, Megan Leighann, VOP, DUI, $0

Garmon, Adrian Fitzgerald, contempt, $2,000

Garret Jr., Alex, public drunk, $500

Geeslin, Nolan Christopher, contempt, direct contempt, $5,000

Goff, Joey Christopher, contempt x3, violation of probation, $10,663.50

Gray Jr., Danny Richard, fugitive, $0

Griffin, Ashley Nicole, violation of supervised probation, $0

Grim, Tyler Jalon, domestic assault, $0

Goss, Blake Andrew, contempt, $2,500

Guillen, Jose, possession with intent, $30,000

Hadley, Jonathan Robert, contempt, $5,000

Hall, Charles Daniel, contempt, $897

Hanner, Randell Evan, DUI, careless driving, $750

Hargis, Callie Lauren, contempt, $5,000

Harvell, Jeremy Isaiah, fugitive, $0

Hatten, Robert Heath, DUI, speeding, $0

Haven, James Richard, DUI, carless driving, no insurance, $750

Heath, Steven Ronald, DUI, improper equip., $1,500

Hernandez, Sergio Darwin, no license, no insurance, disregard of barricades, $1,500

Hidalgo, Taylor Randall, sex offender, submission of false information, violation of probation, $5,000

Hignite, Jamie Wayne, felony taking of vehicle, $12,222

Hill, Cody Wesley, contempt x2, $27,000

Hill Isaiah Malik, domestic assault, $7,500

Hoffine, Darren William, burglary commercial bldg.., $10,000

Honeycutt, Timothy Frank, contempt with 13th offense, $10,000

Hopkins Sr., Joshua Andrew, fugitive, $0

Hudson, Dominic Bernard, contempt, $2,500

Hull, Morgan Alexandria, contempt, $0

Hutchen, Autumn Louise, failure to comply w/terms of drug court x2, $0

Jaggers, Kayla Deneen, DUI-felony, $0

James, Larry Dean, fugitive, $0

Johnson, Rachel Bernice, contempt x2, $5,000

Jones Jr., Carlos J., paraphernalia, disobeying officer, $750

Jones Sr., Curtis Lee, poss. of cont. sub., $50,000

Jones, Brandon James, contempt, $2,000

Jones, Germale Antoinne, contempt, domestic assault, $317.75

Jones, Jimmie Lee, poss. op weapon by felon-habitual, $0

Jones, Tamarius Jamal, domestic violence, $500

Keith, Seara Raynae, DUI, $500

Kelly, Jessica Gale, contempt, $6,400

Kimber Jr., Edward, contempt x2, $4,999

King Sr., Kirk Russell, receiving stolen property-felony, $5,000

Kuma, Julie Manitepi, fugitive, $0

Lacefield, Stephen Wayne, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,000

Lee, Christal Lynn, public drunk, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $500

Lee, Nathaniel, public drunk, disorderly conduct, $1,000

Lester, Norris Lee, shoplifting, $1,000

Lewis Jr., James Arthur, fugitive, $0

Lewis, Damien D., contempt, $243.50

Lewis, Donna Jeanne, simple assault, $1,000

Lewis, Tyrell Juwon, contempt, $2,100

Lofton, Brandon Keith, expired/altered tag, DUI, $0

Lucus, Ryan Christopher, public drunk, $250

Ludwig, Victoria Paige, contempt, $1,500

Madden, Earl, contempt, $242

Malone, Lisa Michelle, shoplifting,$500

Martin, Darrell Devante, contempt-felony, $0

May, Stephen Austin, domestic disturbing peace, $500

Mays, Eric Lewayne, DUI, no insurance, leaving scene of accident-property damage, $2,500

Mays, Willie Earl, possession of cocaine-felony, $0

McDonald, Felicia Lynn, contempt, $7,500

McKinney, Tyvonda Dantzson, DUI, $500

Metcalf, Avery Jordan, contempt x3, $10,050

Miller, Andra, improper tag, poss. of cont. sub., no insurance, $2,000

Millican, Dustin Lee, contempt, $10,000

Milon, Deandre Dontae, paraphernalia, $500

Mitchell, Jacob Dalton, domestic violence, agg.  assault, $250,000

Norys Jr., Barney William, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $25,000

Norys, Matthew William, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $25,000

Oakley, Allison Ann, DUI-felony, no insurance, reckless driving, $31,250

Okafor, Ifeanti Evans, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, false ID info, fugitive, $0

Oliver, Aryell Deshaynbien, contempt, $0

Owens, Ashley Nicole, contempt x5, $5,100

Patrick, Raymond Jasper, contempt, $7,500

Patrick, Sherry Jo, contempt, $307.75

Pegram, Leonard Calvin, contempt x2, $10,000

Perkins, Taylor Harris, DUI, child endangerment, reckless driving, $0

Pitts, Christian Laudous, no license, careless driving, $1,500

Profit, Jonlabarron, poss. of cont. sub. x2, $6,000

Pryor, James Marquiz, simple assault x2, $3,000

Redmon, Trini Lopez, contempt, $5,000

Reed, Martell L., DUI, $1,000

Reed, Michael E., no license, no insurance, $250

Reynolds, Caledia Lashell, cont. to deliq. of minor x2, $7,500

Riden, Jeremy Lee, parole violation, $0

Roberts Jr., Eddie Lee, fugitive, $0d

Roberts, Kenneth Gene, no license, failure to reduce speed when approaching emergency vehicle, disorderly conduct, $1,000

Rogers, Errik Sedastain, driving on wrong side of road, fleeing law enforcement, $750

Rogers, Lorenzo Martreze, no license, running stop sign, $250

Russell, Donald Lee, fugitive, $0

Sanders-Woodley, Romanda, contempt x3, $5,000

Seng, Boni Kikim, paraphernalia, no insurance, seatbelt violation, $1,750

Shemwell, Joshua, contempt, fugitive, $0

Shiver, Nathan Derrick, violation of probation-felony, $0

Smith, Eric Michael, DUI 2nd, $1,500

Smith, Joseph Myles, contempt x3, $30,836.50

Spraglin, Brittany Gabriel, contempt, defaced tag, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, $4,000

Summers Jr., Jeffrey Keith, contempt x3, violation of probation, domestic assault, conspiracy to commit crime, intimidate/threaten a witness, $7,000

Tate, David Doyle, fugitive, $0

Thomas, Derrick Devon, DUI, seatbelt violation, move over law, no insurance, $2,500

Thompson, Garvin Juan, open container, walking along roadways (traffic ord.), carry concealed weapon, $500

Todd, Travonda Shamora, assault by threat, $500

Triggs, Monterrius M., paraphernalia, $500

Turnage, Tyun Lafaybion, paraphernalia, $500

Walton, Michael D., no tag, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,750

Warren, Marquita Dannette, fugitive, $0

Warren, Ricky, dis. conduct, $500

Webster, Tasha Sherrell, shoplifting, $500

Wells, Demarcus, false identifying info, $500

White, Fred Chester, sexual battery, $0

Whitman, Todd Murphy, shoplifting $500

Williams, Jennise Renee, domestic assault, $500

Winders, Elizabeth Rosann, paraphernalia, false identifying info, $7,500

Wiseman, Kimberly Shanta, shoplifting-habitual offender, $0

Wooten, Devin Dominique, contempt, $3,000

Wright, Jardon Deshun, no license, child restraint law, no insurance, giving false ID info, $1,100

Wright, Lisa Jean, obscene electronic communications, assault, $2,000

Wright, Michael Noble, contempt, $2,000

Young, Mary Elizabeth, contempt, $2,000

Youngblood, Joshua, fugitive, $0

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