COVID Classroom

Before the school year began, teachers prepare for a new normal as some students prepare to return to in-person classes. Classrooms now include more distance between students, and some include plexiglass shields, among other materials to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

About 600 students in the DeSoto County school system are expected to return to classrooms in January for the first time this school year.

During this semester, DeSoto County Schools offers parents the opportunity to change their students’ method of learning from virtual to in person or vice versa each nine weeks. For the next nine weeks, which will begin after winter break, about 2% of students enrolled in the district will return to in-person classes.

About 77% of enrolled students will attend in-person classes in January, and about 23% of enrolled students will attend virtual classes. Last nine weeks, the numbers were 75% and 25%, respectively.

In October, when the opportunity to change learning methods was last available to parents, about 10% of enrolled students — over 3,000 students — returned to in-person instruction.

In August, about 63% of students attended in-person classes, with the minority of families opting for online instruction. Since then, some parents have faced challenges in online instruction for their children.

This comes at a time when the coronavirus continues to spread through the county at record levels and hospitals are stretched to their limits by the historic demand for health care services.

The DeSoto County School District, which serves over 30,000 students, reported 93 new cases  across the district this week and over 500 new student quarantines.

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