Forty boys at Overpark Elementary School in Olive Branch were donning fresh cuts Monday morning after barbers got a hold of them.

The Overpark Elementary Community Outreach program hosted a Free Haircut Day for boys K-5 with local barbers setting up shop at the school.

Twenty-one barbers and stylists from New Beginning Barber School and Barbershops, of Holly Springs, Oasis Grooming Barbershop, of Hernando, and Grand Slam Haircuts, of Southaven, lent their tonsorial skills for the day.

Shuntay Chester, 4th Grade Language Arts and SS, organized the event as a community outreach for parents and families. 

“It was a wonderful event, they had a lot of big lights and they did a lot of social media,” Chester said. “Those young men had the best time. Even our school officer, Officer Brown, got his haircut.”

Chester said the hair cuts were the first community outreach event she helmed this school year. 

“The barbershop idea was mainly to let our parents know we appreciate them, we thank them,” Chester said. “We wanted to make sure our young boys felt better about themselves. When you look good you feel good. We wanted that to be something we gave them for Easter. We know parents have a lot to deal with due to the pandemic. So, we wanted to bless them.”

Barbers on site entertained and connected with the students through telling jokes, dancing, and giving the boys math problems while cutting their hair.

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