WHEREAS, on the July 27, 2007, Danielle Hammond and Jason L. Hammond, executed a Deed of Trust to Atty. Arnold M. Weiss, Trustee for the use and benefit of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Homecomings Financial, LLC (F/K/A Homecomings Financial Network, Inc.), its successors and assigns, which Deed of Trust is on file and of record in the office of the Chancery Clerk of DeSoto County, Mississippi, in Deed of Trust Book No. 2763, at Page 280 thereof; which was modified on October 15, 2015 at October 15, 2015, in Book No. 4058, at Page 425;

WHEREAS, by Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Default Judgment dated September 20, 2017 in Cause No. 17-CV-154, and of record in the Office of the Chancery Clerk of DeSoto County, Mississippi at Instrument No. 20170920010268960 it was ordered and adjudged that Nationstar Mortgage LLC was the current holder of a good and valid lien on the subject property, that the indebtedness owed by Danielle Hammond and John L. Hammond is in default and that the property should be sold in satisfaction of Nationstar’s lien; and that Wilson & Associates, PLLC, Special Commissioner was authorized to conduct the sale of the real property described herein; and

WHEREAS, default having been made in the performance of the conditions and stipulations as set forth by said Deed of Trust, and having been requested by the legal holder of the indebtedness secured and described by said Deed of Trust so to do, notice is hereby given that Wilson & Associates, PLLC f/k/a Adams & Edens, P.A., Special Commissioner, by virtue of the authority conferred upon me in said Deed of Trust, will offer for sale and will sell at public sale and outcry to the highest and best bidder for certified funds paid at the conclusion of the sale, or credit bid from a bank or other lending entity pre-approved by the successor trustee, during the legal hours (between the hours of 11 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m.) East front door steps of Courthouse, on November 28, 2017, the following described land and property being the same land and property described in said Deed of Trust, situated in DeSoto County, State of Mississippi, to-wit:

Lot 10, Section A, Rasco Hills Subdivision, situated in Section 21, Township 1 South, Range 8 West, Desoto County, Mississippi, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 101, Page 48, in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Desoto County, Mississippi.

Title to the above described property is believed to be good, but I will convey only such title as is vested in the aforementioned Special Commissioner.

WITNESS MY HAND this 26th day of October, 2017.


/s/, Wilson & Associates, PLLC Attorneys for Plaintiff

400 West Capitol Avenue Suite 1400

Little Rock, AR 72201 (501)219-9388


Wilson & Associates, PLLC 400 West Capitol Avenue Suite 1400

Little Rock, AR 72201 (501)219-9388

File # 1077

PUBLICATION TO BEGIN ON: November 7, 2017 PUBLICATION TO END ON: November 21, 2017


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