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Dr. Patrick Ball has been named part-time medical director of the new Trinity Health Center, to open late this spring in Horn Lake. Ball will continue his medical practice at DeSoto Primary Care Associates.  

Opening late this spring, Trinity Health Center will provide high quality, cost-effective, compassionate primary healthcare to the working underserved/underinsured of DeSoto County and recently hired its part-time Medical Doctor to spearhead its patient care efforts.

Dr. Patrick A. Ball is a family medicine physician who received his medical degree from Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences and has been practicing medicine in Mississippi for 16 years.

“Calling to serve as part-time director of Trinity Health Center is a direct result of having watched my father, a physician, provide both medical and spiritual care for his patients in small-town Batesville,” said Ball. “Through these early life experiences, it impressed on me that we are to use our resources and our opportunities to help those around us.”

Trinity Health Center is collaborating with the local church and community leaders and will be modeled after Church Health, the largest charitable clinic in the country serving over 50,000 working uninsured individuals with primary care, wellness, and education.

Dr. Ball believes that healthy communities are strengthened and sustained by the health of its members and through personal relationships built on the transformative love and others-oriented mindset of Christ. “I feel that this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Church Health and its founder, Dr. Scott Morris, is a very exciting chance for those in the DeSoto County community of faith to become a tangible expression of God’s love to this community.”

The cost of healthcare or absence of health insurance contributes greatly to the ability of low-income DeSoto County residents to access care and with the growing Coronavirus pandemic, more residents than ever are experiencing hardships that will result in needed quality and affordable healthcare.

The lack of available and affordable primary care access in the existing healthcare safety-net is driving the creation of Trinity Health Center. With almost 30,000 identified uninsured residents, DeSoto County will benefit from a comprehensive health clinic designed to serve those falling through the cracks of our healthcare system.

Ball will continue to maintain his busy practice at DeSoto Primary Care Associates while serving as part-time Medical Director at Trinity Health.

Trinity Health Center recenly received several pallets of miscellaneous medical supplies that included stethoscopes, gauze, and surgical scissors. The center was able to donate extra equipment to DeSoto County Emergency Services.

Donations continue to be accepted for Trinity Health Center and may be made at bit.ly/Donate2TrinityHealthCenter.