Larry Abramson

Larry Abramson, Travel Specialist for North Mississippi Travel Consultants can make people's dream vacations come true from his Olive Branch agency.

Robert Long|DTT

Larry Abramson, Travel Specialist with North Mississippi Travel Consultants in Olive Branch, is in the business of making dream vacation plans come true for his clients.

North Mississippi Travel Consultants has clients across the globe who have come to trust and depend upon Abramson's art of the deal in getting the best rates and price for his clients.

For many, the cost savings can be substantial, since Abramson, a former Delta Air Lines gate keeper and retired U.S. Customs agent, owns and operates his travel agency out of his home.

Abramson, who is affiliated with parent company, KVI Travel of Canada, is able to pass those savings on to clients.

"We do not have to pay for overhead," Abramson said. "I get paid by the cruise lines. I don't charge a commission. I don't charge the client anything. Travel companies who have storefronts have overhead."

Abramson, whose clients include FedEx employees and airline company employees, look to Abramson because they can contact him through his toll-free number almost any time, day or night: 1-888-768-6777, Ext. 302 or his direct local line, 662-874-1742.

There are discounted rates for airline company and FedEx employees, sometimes up to 70 percent, according to Abramson.

Abramson has expanded his client base to include anyone looking to book a great vacation at an affordable price.

"A lot of people travel just for relaxation," said Abramson. "A lot of them are fulfilling a bucket list and are getting to see places they've never seen before."

It was that sense of adventure which led Abramson to explore the idea of becoming a travel agent.

"I was looking for a cruise for my wife and me," Abramson said.

As part of a network which has a total of 63 agents worldwide, Abramson said he tries to do all the work for his clients so they can just relax and enjoy their vacation or business travel.

"We do all the work for someone," Abramson said. "Instead of them sitting there on the internet for hours on end, we do all the work."

Abramson said he has made arrangements in the past for a renewal of wedding vows in Hawaii, right down to the cake, and for events and special occasions in other exotic places around the globe.

"We can plan everything," Abramson said.

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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