Holistic Health by Hodge

Britney Hodge, Connie Hodge, FNP, and Angela Curl, LPN, comprise the team that makes up Holistic Family Health By Hodge in Southaven, which celebrates its grand opening this week.

From cradle to grave, the staff at Holistic Family Health by Hodge have a "holistic" approach to taking care of individual patient needs.

"We are a family practice," said Connie Hodge, LNP, owner of Holistic Family Health by Hodge, located at 6890 Elmore Road, Suite 2 in Southaven. The clinic will officially opened on Monday, Oct. 2

Hodge, who has been practicing nursing since 1998, will bring a whole body approach to the patients in her clinic.

"We are taking care of patients from 18 months throughout their lifespan," Hodge said. "We treat chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses."

Hodge said the clinic looks at the entire physiology of the patient as well. That means taking pains to make sure the patient's physical and mental state is healthy, according to Hodge.

"We look at your mind, body and spirit to keep you whole," said Hodge, who graduated with a nurse practitioner's degree in 2014. "One time a week, every month, we'll have something that is meditation-based such as using healing oils and referrals for massage. As far as metaphysical therapy for seniors, we'll address that as well. When you're a senior and you've lived as long as they have with medical conditions such as arthritis, and you get to the end of the line as far as managing and treating pain goes, it's time to explore other options for pain relief."

Hodge said homeopathic remedies, essential oils and other methods are used to manage and treat pain in order to achieve total wellness.

Hodge is utilizing her vast credentials and experience in the nursing field to care for patients.

"I have practiced a lot of different specialities in the nursing field, including acute care, family practice, ICU care, home health and community mental health," said Hodge.

The clinic has a grand opening slated for Oct. 4.

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