An online lawn care service platform that makes it easier for homeowners to find a reliable professional to come out and cut the grass, has added northern Mississippi to its service area. 


GreenPal, which was launched in 2012 and is in 250 major cities including Memphis, is now available in DeSoto County.


Co-founder Gene Caballero said GreenPal saves homeowners time and money on lawn care needs by having reliable local vendors nearby who bid on the job.


Using the company’s website or free app - which is available for download on the Apple app store and Google Play - all homeowners have to do is simply type in the address and when they want the job done. 


GreenPal does the rest by sending out notices to pre-screened local lawn care service professionals in the area who then bid for the job without the homeowner ever having to call around.


“What that does is alerts all the vendors in the area and it goes up  for bid,” Caballero said. “All of the bids go to the homeowner for review. They can see the vendor’s reviews, pictures of previous work, and also the price. Once they select the vendor, the vendor is notified they won the job and they go perform the service. When the homeowner is happy with the service, they pay after the job is done.”


While GreenPal doesn’t set the price, Caballero said a typical mowing in the Memphis market ranges in cost from $30 to $42. 


“GreenPal has zero influence on the pricing,” Caballero said. “All of the local vendors do the pricing. We provide them with the Google aerial view and the Google street view and also the square footage of the property.”


The company collects a five percent fee from the vendors for providing the online platform.


Caballero said the advantage for vendors is that GreenPal is not only creating a demand for their service, but they also handle their scheduling which optimizes their route and process payment.


“They don’t have to send out an invoice when they get home,” Caballero said.  “And the next day he has his route planned out where he can just go stop to stop.”


Caballero, who has been in the landscaping business his entire career, said he got the idea for GreenPal based off of the success of Uber and Lyft, the online ride sharing service.


“My first sales job was on the west coast, and I watched as these new technologies like Airbnb and Uber and Lyft took off,” Caballero said. “I knew that if someone was going to summon a stranger to come pick them up and then take them somewhere, at some point they would do the same with home services like lawn care.”


GreenPal has been in Memphis for about nine months and is already the company’s second best market in Tennessee - ahead of Clarksville and Knoxville and Chattanooga. 


“We have about 80 to 90 vendors who have signed up,” Caballero said. “So Memphis has done well.”


Caballero said they have about 30 to 40 lawn care services already signed up in DeSoto County.


“We notice that when we launch in a major metro area that the surrounding areas start asking for service,” Caballero said. “We knew that DeSoto County and the Southaven and Olive Branch area was going to be one that we needed to launch sooner or later. So here we are.”


Caballero said homeowners can use their service for one cut or multiple jobs, and can even get same day service, if needed.


“Same day service gets done quite a bit,” Caballero said. “It just depends on how late a homeowner signs up. Five o’clock at night? That’s probably not going to happen. But if somebody signs up mid-morning and needs it done, the beauty of our platform is the vendors know which neighborhoods they are going to be in and whether they can get it done today.”


The service also has built-in protections for homeowners who may not be satisfied once the job is completed. 


“It has a dispute button that alerts the vendor that Mrs. Smith has an issue with their lawn and you need to come back and fix it,” Caballero said. “The vendor has time to fix it and has to submit a picture of the fixed problem. If he doesn’t, Mrs. Smith isn’t charged anything and the job is automatically put back out for bid. And if the problem is fixed, she can hit the pay button and the money goes to the vendor.”


Caballero said GreenPal is the easiest way to find, schedule, and pay for lawn care.


“We are for people who don’t want to have to call ten people, that don’t want to meet at the property, and don’t want to leave a check under the mat,” Caballero said. “In the day and age of COVID, we are a 100 percent contactless service.”


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