High-speed internet

Northcentral Electric Cooperative has announced the formation of a high-speed internet affiliate; Northcentral Connect. The announcement is being made following Thursday’s announcement of a new company name and logo.

“We are excited to see our members’ interest in fiber connectivity,” said Northcentral CEO/General Manager Kevin Doddridge. “We have conducted several interest and feasibility studies that have led us in this direction.”

Northcentral Connect is conducting operations to connect members on Northcentral’s existing power grid to offer high-speed internet services. Currently, the cooperative is working with VantagePoint Solutions to inspect utility poles and their ability to handle the weight and load of additional fiber lines. Currently, Northcentral Electric Cooperative’s substations are connected to their offices using roughly 80 miles of fiber line in an effort to efficiently monitor outages and voltages. In the upcoming months, Northcentral Connect will branch out from that network and be able to offer high-speed internet to its members.

Doddridge adds, “The possibilities of electricity went beyond just light bulbs when Northcentral started in 1950. Now, with services like telemedicine, online education, and even running operations on a farm, we’re hoping to show our members the endless possibilities of high-speed internet connections.”

Northcentral Connect hopes to offer high-speed internet to its first members starting in mid-summer 2020. This rollout will take place in phases and more members will be able to sign up in as the system is expanded.

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