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Tammy and Lu Nguyen are the owners of Crazy Lu Seafood Shack, which recently opened at 1631 Goodman Road West in Horn Lake. They bring years of experience to the newest seafood restaurant in the city.

The restaurant name may be Crazy Lu Seafood Shack, but you may be crazy not to add the newest seafood restaurant in DeSoto County to your list of regular places to eat. 

Located at 1631 Goodman Road West in the former Horn Lake Pizza Hut, Lu and Tammy Nguyen opened the restaurant on June 8 and the early response has been satisfying, to say the least.

“We’ve had people saying they’ve been waiting for us for months and months,” Tammy said. “I’ve had people from Louisiana come and say it tastes so much like from their home. That’s the joy when you hear it that they haven’t tasted anything like this and it reminds them of home.”

Lu and Tammy and their family have been in the restaurant business for several years, and Lu said they were excited about bringing their concept to Horn Lake and DeSoto County.

“I’ve been doing it for 25 years,” said Lu. “We cook for you, not for us. If you think it may need more seasoning, we’ll take it back and add more seasoning.”

The Nguyens have owned restaurants elsewhere, in Montgomery, Alabama and in Jackson, Mississippi, before their arrival in DeSoto County. They have a lifetime background in serving tasty seafood.

“We came from a background of fishermen,” said Tammy. “Our parents were fishermen and we grew up with a background of all kinds of seafood. The difference with us and everybody else is ours is always fresh battered from scratch and we have our own seasoning.”

Lu explains the seasoning has his own special blend of ingredients. Everything is served with what Lu said is a base of seasoning and they are very willing to add more if requested.

Tammy added there’s a lot of family pride in what they serve their customers.

“Our number one priority is quality and customer service,” she said. “What you serve represents you and that’s how we feel. We want to do our best and we always strive for the best.”

The Nguyens have enjoyed several business ventures and always try to make their customers feel appreciated and leave with a smile. Lu said it was that attitude that gave him the nickname of “Crazy Lu,” and hence the restaurant’s name.

“When I once owned a gas station in Memphis people called me crazy all of the time because whenever people came into my store, I make them smile,” Lu said. “I try to be like that to everybody. I want to make you feel comfortable when you come to my restaurant. If I can make one person smile each day, it’s good.”

Crazy Lu Seafood Shack is open from 10:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.