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The entrance to Right Track Medical Group’s Olive Branch clinic at 9035 East Sandidge Road. The mental health clinic also has offices in Oxford and Tupelo and is also locating in Corinth.  

Quality mental health care is needed everywhere today and the number of options to provide that care is woefully short compared to the need. To address that need, a new mental health care provider has opened an office in Olive Branch.

It is called Right Track Medical Group and is located at 9035 E. Sandidge Road. The concern already has offices in Oxford and Tupelo and Right Track Medical Group has expanded to Corinth, in addition to Olive Branch.

Dr. Katherine Pannel is the Medical Director, who said quality mental health care is a vital need in all of Mississippi right now.

“There is not a place in Mississippi that you could put a clinic in and it wouldn’t do well, unfortunately,” Pannel said. “There’s just not a lot of psychiatric care available in the state.”

Pannel said what makes Right Track different from other providers comes in the response time from call for help to the start of treatment.

“Right Track Medical Group is a comprehensive clinic where you can come in and get access to a physician or nurse practitioner and psychiatric care very quickly,” she said. “We try to have you scheduled within a week of you calling.”

Another advantage, Pannel said, is that much of the treatment is done at the same location without the need of referral.

“When you come in, you’ll receive an evaluation,” she said. “The good thing about our clinic is not only can you receive medical management but you can also get therapy in the clinic, which is like the gold standard and is kind of unique for Mississippi. You usually see a physician in one place and then you have to travel to see a therapist. Here you can see both under one roof. “

Any lab work that may be needed can also be done in the same office, with the entire premise of the practice being that Right Track promises quality care without unnecessary waiting.

“Right now in Mississippi there are long wait times to see a psychiatrist, for one, and those wait times have gotten just so outlandish,” Pannel explained. “The big thing that we focus on is that we are here for quick care. We want to start treating you when you call.”

Pannel said the physical-led practice addresses any psychiatric illness, noting that the stresses of today’s lifestyle have brought up an increase in mental health problems.

“Depression is huge, because for whatever reason this generation, the millennials, are struggling with anxiety,” said Pannel. “We also have a huge aging population, as our baby boomers are getting older and there is more dementia that is prevalent. I would say dementia and depression anxiety are the main things that we are seeing right now.”

Pannel said she reviews the charts of every patient to be sure the treatment is appropriate for the patient, adding, “It’s not like an urgent care, where you go in and see a nurse practitioner and that’s all that happens. I’m reviewing everything.”

For more information, Right Track Medical Group may be found online at www.rightrackmedical.com. The Olive Branch office phone number is 662-408-4631.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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